Monday, July 20, 2009

What a Year!

I have a lot of catching up to do today having spent the past few days in bed doing a lot of this


Thankfully it wasn’t severe enough to be the dreaded swine flu but it knocked me for six all the same – us bloggers can always tell how ill we are by the fact we haven’t even switched on the laptop!

My family have also had some more bad news, my dads aunt suffered a stroke on Wednesday evening and died yesterday afternoon. A tragedy at any time but seems more so, so soon after loosing my Nan. Once again my family are all joining together to make necessary arrangements, it does make me thankful that we are such a close family

On a more pleasant note you may have already read Kelly's post about our trip to MAC for some Bridal make up lessons

mac 018

If I do say so myself we both looked fantastic!

mac 022

Unfortunately the lady who worked on me wasn’t very clear with her instructions so I’m a bit concerned about recreating the look so I think I will go back to a local branch and see if I can get some more guidance

mac 021

I have an awful lot of blogs to catch up with, a room that needs a good airing to banish any germs and phone calls to help my parents with so I best get going!!

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  1. Hello!
    I have been stuck in bed with the lurgy too ... worryingly though the stupid NHS symptom checker said that I had swine flu ... all it was was a very bad cold, I think ... am feeling better today - although haven't ventured out from under the duvet yet! Glad you are feeling better.
    So sorry to hear about your dad's aunt.

  2. Hi Victoria!
    I'm so sorry to hear about your great-aunt.
    Glad to know that now you are ok and your flu was quite mild!
    Have a lovely week, despite your bad news.
    A big hug!

  3. Now my hubby is in bed with something like flu. I wonder; did he read your blog :-}? Sorry to hear about your great aunt. It is good that your family is so supportive and close to each other, that is what you need right now. Take care!

  4. Hi, sorry to hear you were not well and that your great-aunt has passed away.

    On the wedding front, that's good you have your make-up sorted.

    Here's to a better week.xxoo

  5. Hi Victoria,
    Sorry to hear you weren't well, on the plus side though you were Lucky it wasn't the dreaded Swine Flue! My kids have all been sick last week as well with sick tummies, my husband has it now so I suppose Its only a matter of time......!
    Which one of you is getting married? Is it you or Kelly? & When? I love getting my makeup done, it's not that often nowadays mind you that that happens but it is such a Luxury and always great as you get to treat yourself after with the vouchers that you get back!!So Sorry to hear about your great Aunt,

  6. Hope you are soon feeling better. Sorry to hear about your Dad's Aunt, so sad.

  7. Hi Victoria, sorry to hear about your aunts passing. Cant imagine what a hard time your family must be going through at the moment.
    The makeup session sounds exciting. Getting further advice sounds like a good idea.
    Hope you are feeling better soon. Im trying to avoid getting sick on placement at the moment, all the patients seem to be coughing and spluttering all over the place!
    I am the same as you, u know im sick if i dont turn on my computer- isnt it terrible we become so addicted :)


  8. Get well soon! I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Aunt! You are fortunate to have a close knit family. What a blessing!

    Thank you for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you!

  9. Poor you feeling so bad, no blogging is definitely a symptom! I hope you feel 100% soon.

    The makeup session sounds really good, they can be a bit hit and miss.

    Mel xxx

  10. Im sorry to read about your dads aunt, please pass my condolenses to your family. And poor you being unwell too, we have been abit worried as someone where Mr K works has supposely got swine flu, but we are hoping its just a rumour that has been exaggerated as its been passed around the company. The person in question isnt at work so we dont know. Glad you are on the mend X

  11. So sorry to hear about your great aunt, but i'm glad your feeling better x

  12. Hello there! Many thoughts are with you... you have a beautiful place here.

    Christina :)

  13. So sorry to hear about your great aunt - my sympathies to all your family.
    Hope you're 100% better soon so you can resume blogging!


  14. Sorry to hear about your great aunt :(
    Sounds like you're on the mend now :)

  15. Sorry to hear about your nan and your aunt!

    On the camera front, my OH has a canon EOS 40d, which is probably the best entry level DSLR, but mine was £100 cheaper simply because the make wasn't a Canon or a Nikon, and still has all the features and is brand new. Got a good deal on it too in the Dixon sale. :-)

  16. Victoria
    My dear,sweet friend I am so sorry for all the sadness. I hope you get well soon also. Please know that I think of you and all the kindness you have always shown me. I wish you the best sweetie! Love,Lori

  17. Hi Victoria, thank you for your comment. I really hope your feeling better now, thank god it was sf! xxx

  18. Oh, I hope you are better today and I 'm thankful it wasn't that awful flu.

    So sorry to learn of your great aunt's sympathies to you and your family...hugs, Linda

  19. So sorry to hear about your aunt. It is too soon for your family to have to go through this again. I hope you are feeling much better and I bet you look gorgeous in your makeup! Twyla

  20. Im sorry to hear about your great-anut, I hope your feeling better again soon!
    felicity xx

  21. So sorry to hear about your Aunt but glad you're feeling better!
    Beki xxx

  22. Hi Victoria, Hope you're doing better now, and I'm sorry you've had another loss in your family. Hope too you got all the germs aired out of your room! Hate those germ bugs! Suzie

  23. Meant to write before but having problems at work with some blogs and not being able to comment...really sorry to hear about your sad news. I hope you get some comfort from all the supportive words here. xxx

  24. Hi hunni...sorry have been using the upsatirs pooter, it does not allow me to send comments on some ppl's blogs, so on th lappy now, wishing you a fab weekend!xxx

  25. Just popped in to say hi and see how you are feeling...better I hope...hugs, Linda

  26. So sorry for the loss of your Aunt, my condolences to all of your family.


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