Thursday, July 30, 2009

Knitting Memories

With my new found love of knitting I couldn’t resist these pattern booklets on eBay recently, especially as I remember them from my childhood

sunday 022
sunday 023 sunday 024
My mum knitted many of the clothes for my Sindy dolls and my brothers Action Man so I look forward to seeing how I get on with them!
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  1. i like them :-)

    Also, you're more than welcome to borrow any of mine that I'm keeping at any time :-)

    Rose XXX

    ps - at some point I might actually get around to using them lol

  2. I sooo remember the Sindy one! My nan used to make them for me!
    Those Sindys were so good sometimes you used to have to pull their heads off to dress them!!!
    I must find my one!!!


    Kelly xxxx

  3. Oh, how cute! Look forward to seeing what you make.
    Hen x

  4. These are so lovely! And those clothes aren't half as big as regular ones! Get that Cindy out of the closet, I cannot wait to see what you knit for her!

  5. Yep knitted dolls clothes were all the rage when I was a kid, as was knitted anything. You'll have such fun making these as you get results in no time at all. Be sure to post some piccies ;o) x

  6. I think we were separated @ birth! How I remember patterns such as those, especially the G.I. Joe versions! Ha! My mom knitted a lot too & I took knitting lessons at one time. Such fun.
    Xx deb

  7. OMG! My mum couldn't even knit me a jumper (always with big 80's shoulder!)
    What other crafts do you love a part from knitting? (and shopping of course! ;-)

  8. My mum used to knit & sew clothes for my Sindy dolls too & when I was a bit older I used to knit some of the simpler ones myself.


  9. What sweet memories...I'm happy you are enjoying knitting. My granma didn't knit but she sewed many a little outfits for my dolls...they were always my favorites....hugs, Linda

  10. Victoria, it seems you new hobby has added to things you can collect! Have fun!

  11. They are lovely, I wonder if they have any crochet pattern books like this? I used to have quite a few of those old fashioned Sindy dolls, but I sold them with my vintage Sindy house. xxxx

  12. Wow! I hadn't even thought of looking on ebay for knitting patterns! Am off to have a look ..... x

  13. My wife has just started knitting again, which reminded me of my Mum knitting me some of these Action Man outfits, leading me to your page. Thanks for the nostalgia! Mum no longer with us but brought back some lovely memories of her knitting :)

    1. I'm glad I could help bring back some memories. I don't knit as much as I did but I can't part with these.


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