Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday Finds

I paid a visit to my favourite charity shop today and managed to come home with some good finds

Pyrex seemed to be the theme of the day first with these 2 bowls

thrifting 023

and then these plates and bowls

thrifting 024

I wasn’t sure whether to buy these or not but then I imagined the plates in the Autumn with shepherds pie and apple crumble on them and they fell into my shopping basket!

A pretty tablecloth

thrifting 022

And of course no thrifting trip is complete without Enid Blyton books

thrifting 026

And a lucky Ladybird find and some vintage knitting needles

thrifting 025

Tomorrow mum and I are off to a boot sale to get rid of some bits and pieces following a clear up. Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak off and spend some earnings

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  1. Those pyrex bowls with the forget me nots are BEAUTIFUL!! You were so lucky to find two!

    We stopped at a great antique mall on our way home from NY and found some great stuff, I'll post this week!

  2. Let's hope that you won't come home with more than you left hehehe!

    Yes I loved the Duchess, you told me on your blog that you liked it too! You were absolutely right.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Such a pretty tablecloth you found! Ive been starting to buy some nice ones lately too.
    Enid Blyton use to be a favourite read of mine, i should really invest in some of the older books. Theyr'e such lovely stories arent they :)


  4. Great ladybird book finds and I love your vintage knitting needles! I never seem to have such luck when I visit charity shops.

  5. Great finds Victoria. If you are a fan of Enid Blyton, I know of a site you may be interested in, it is worth a look just to see how pretty it is, and they do a Fireside Journal!

    Also, some time soon, BBC4 will be putting on a drama about Enid Blyton, Helen Le Bonham Carter will be palyign Enid. xxxx

  6. The link does not work, so copy and paste it in your address bar to be directed to the site. xxx

  7. Hope your boot sale went well!
    The blue floral bowls are really gorgeus!

  8. Nice finds! Hope you got on well at the boot sale today.


  9. Oh my! Thank you for reminding me of Ladybird fairytales... I' ll have a look for my collection tomorrow first thing in the morning ;) x


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