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Review | KYPRIS Skincare

Kypris Skincare Review

When KYPRIS* contacted me and asked if I would like to test and review some products from there range I confess I was rather excited. I had seen the brand appearing on some of the usual suspects blogs but with a hefty price tag it was unlikely I would make the purchase myself. This would give me an opportunity to try out such a high end brand and see if I would be convinced to purchase myself in the future.

My first issue with the brand, inspired by the goddess Aphrodite, was not quite knowing where to start. Yes there was KYPRIS Cleanser Concentrate* but after that point I was a little stumped. Where and when did I slot in the Beauty Elixirs and those such as Moonlight Catalyst* and Antioxidant Dew*? Luckily Cult Beauty a stockist for the brand have a handy 'how to use' for the products and the KYPRIS website identifies in a little more detail where the products should fit into your routine, especially important for those that are specific to am or pm usage.

Once I'd got the products sorted in my routine, complete with notes on the packaging themselves to avoid error I have been able to use. KYPRIS Cleanser Concentrate* is a gorgeous product. In a luxurious glass tub it's light and creamy as the name would suggest with a lovely botanical scent which follows through with many of the products in the range.

As they suggest this is an indulgent first step in your skincare routine, a product which can be used morning or night to remove make up, simply nourish skin and packed with all sorts of ingredients such as moringa to leave skin able to combat any stresses the day may bring. I wish I didn't like this product as much as I do and whilst I'm not sure if I'm ready to justify £50 on replacing, if money were no object I'd be doing so.

The next step in your KYPRIS skincare regime is the Beauty Exlixi I, II or III which are 100% active beauty oils for dry, oily or sensitive skin. It's interesting I favour for scent Beauty Elixir II Healing Bouquet* which is for oily skins and I've found mine more balanced in recent times.

All three Beauty Elixirs feel wonderful on the skin which is another shame as they are priced between £50 and £70 for just 14ml, if you want 47ml of Beauty Elixir I 1000 Roses* you'll be looking at £175 although thankfully that is one I don't particularly like as I'm not a fan of the scent of roses.

Next we more on to the recognisable product of their serums, which I feel more comfortable price wise, although still at your top end at around the £50 more for 47mls although for a 'decent' serum you can expect to pay that and it's something I would be more comfortable paying for a product of its type.

The Clearing Serum* and Antioxidant Dew* are for am use and my favourite, Moonlight Catalyst** for evening. The latter smells amazing and less botanical and more masculine than the others. I could reel off a press release or cut and paste job from the website of the various ingredients and their wonderful properties but I think that would be more fluff than my simply telling you that these are pricey products but I can indeed see why.

I'm lucky to have an healthy stash of skincare products across all brands and price points so my need to purchase skincare items is few and far between but I can say were I more like the 'every woman on the street' and buying and using products in their entirety rather than testing various brands on a regular basis I would be looking to make purchases from the KYPRIS line.

I was fully prepared to scoff at such a high end range but the results on my skin from using has spoke for itself. Even during 'that time of the month' when I'd often find a hormonal spot or two appearing they have not appeared.

Of course I only received small vials of the serums and elixirs so it hasn't been the longest testing period of the skincare ranges I receive but the oils are so concentrate such a little goes a long way.

The final product and one I'm saving for my trip to St Lucia next month is Kypris Heliotropic Pot of Shade* which is a moisturiser with SPF30. I think if I'm having a luxury holiday, luxury skincare is a must.

How much do you spend on skincare products, is this a brand you would be keen to try?

*this post contains press samples and/or affiliate links

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  1. I'm pretty pants at buying new skincare products. I seem to stick to the same 3 things. I might have to give the antioxidant dew a look at though! :)

    Chloe / mojichlo
    x x

    1. I'm sure I'd stick to more regular products if I wasn't lucky enough to be sent so many wonderful products to try


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