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Wet n Wild Summer Collection

When I visited Italy last Summer the last thing I expected to spot was a Wet n Wild counter, and a well stocked one at that. It was one of those fabulously serendipitous moments on our first day. I joined the boys for the supermarket trip to stock up our villa and let them go ahead whilst I finished off a cigarette outside. When I walked inside the supermarket I immediately spotted a pharmacy and of course couldn't help but poke my head in and that's when I spotted one of the biggest and wonderful kept displays of Wet n Wild cosmetics in some time.

Conscious that at some point I would need to join the boys and lend a hand with the shopping I quickly cast my eyes across the counter looking for any of those products forever on ones radar and appearing on US YouTube channels.

The first pick was the Color Icon Blusher in the shade Heather Silk which I believe was discontinued last year. This is one of those products that is forever name checked on blogs and if you have used Wet n Wild Blushes, or indeed many of their powder products they all offer high pigmentation for a low cost. I have only briefly used this once or twice and it is indeed highly pigmented, hence my proceeding with caution although it has been moved into my everyday make up storage so I can play with it a little more and form an opinion. 

Wet n Wild Summer Collection

My most exciting finds were from the once limited edition Summer range of products which have now been made permanent, the MegaGlo Highlighting Powers in Precious Petals and Crown of My Canopy. Wet n Wild packaging isn't the best but I'm happy to forgo that for great products for a few dollars. These highlighting powders were sell outs in the Summer and my friend in the US couldn't even track them down for me so I was over the moon to find them sitting on the display many months after my fruitless search.

As all the rave reviews suggest these are two smooth, pigmented highlighters that hit the mark, rarely a find in the drugstores where highlighting is concerned. Precious Pink Petals is a pink toned and more wearable for us paler girls whereas Crown of my Canopy is a peachy bronze that works perfectly with a tan as a little too dark for everyday wear. It's also hailed as a dupe for Becca's Champagne Pop, I have both and I'd say this is definitely a deeper shade and I look forward to experimenting more when I once again return to the beach next month. 

The Colour Icon Metallic Liquid Lipsticks are a trend that just doesn't work for me. I've only got to hand the shade My Tulips Are Sealed as I've been trying to make this Nars Orgasm dupe work for me and the other pink shade went into the discard pile some time ago. It's not the product which feels nice on the lips but the metallic shades are a little too off with my skin tone to work. I don't hate My Tulips Are Sealed and there's something I like about it when I put on but then I catch another glance and think it looks wrong.  I'm still toying whether to throw in my holiday make up bag and try it with a darker tan as a last hurrah. 

Wet n Wild Summer Collection

Finally I grabbed the MegaGlow All In One Highlighting Sticks in shades; Light Up My High-Biscus, Carnational Anthem and Marigold Round which can be used on eyes, face, lip and body although my experimentation has only been on the cheeks and you will have seen that Light Up My High-Biscus is a recent favourite and joined me in Center Parcs

The packaging for the sticks isn't the best, it's quite clunky and plastic and doesn't even have the floral covering that appeared in the US versions but otherwise these are a nice product to reach for when wanting to swipe, blend and go and are perfect when make up brushes are in the wash.

Light Up My High-Biscus is your familiar pink shade that works well as a blush when I want a little something but not too much colour. I'm leaning towards blushes with a shimmer rather than full on highlighter recently and this is one I favour. 

If peaches are your think then Carnational Anthem is your shade. I always find peach tones hit and miss for me and I'm not reaching for this with much frequency and again might pop this in my holiday bag as I imagine it'll be nice with tanned skin. 

The final shade is Marigold Round, your champagne shade for more traditional highlighting. I've been using my Maybelline Strobing Stick of late whilst deciding whether it 'sparks joy' (can you tell what I've been reading, review coming soon) so this Benefit Watt's Up dupe has been down the list of products to test. I'll be interested to see if this favours any better than Maybelline's offering has. 

To end I have little to say about the Color Icon Kohl Liner Pencil in Calling Your Buff other than I'd forgotten my favourite Rimmel nude eyeliner and needed a replacement. This wasn't a great product, I found it stiffer than the Rimmel offering which doesn't make for most pleasant usage in the waterline.

Are you a Wet n Wild Beauty fan? 

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  1. I wish these products were available here but they are not, I ordered some Wet n Wild lipsticks a while back from beautyjoint but I had to pay extra shipping + customs so I wasn't worth it. The Megaglo highlighting powders look amazing! x


    1. That's such a shame, especially when it's such a great budget brand unless you're having to take into account shipping and other fees. I'm lucky to visit the US often and with an Italian brand on my doorstep it's very handy.

  2. Gorgeous. I'm loving all your beauty photos, great backdrop! x


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