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Review | Footner Exfoliating Socks

There are few beauty treatments I really enjoy for pleasure but a pedicure is one of them. That said during the Winter it's hard to justify the expense when feet are hidden in thick tights and the thought of departing the salon in flip flops when there is snow on the ground isn't particularly enticing either. I had been intrigued by exfoliating socks for some time and when Footner* asked if I would like to try some out I thought now was the perfect time.

I think it goes without saying if you're not a fan of feet and have even clicked on this post you're not going to enjoy the content, things may get a little gross. Even my friends have hung up the phone on me as I've rambled about my 'shedding foot skin'. On that note lets start with the less than attractive Footner packaging which I think lets them down. I don't think anyone but perhaps a foot fetishist would be drawn to the feet on the box and whilst it is not a 'cheap' product it is one that works. I think they could take a leaf out of the Sephora's book and follow their packaging for their masks as it would be  far more desirable.

Footner Exfoliating Socks* contain active AHAs which you'll also find used in cosmetic skin peels and will soft the hard skin build up and start the exfoliation process naturally unlike the beauty salon where your beautician will use whatever their tool of choice is and in the hands of the wrong person painful or dangerous.

I had the Footner Exfoliating Socks* in my testing pile for some time and was apprehensive to test for three reasons; what would happen, I needed to remove my nail polish (I hate my toes polish free) and that I needed to commit to the 60 minutes of wear time. Fast forward to hard skin appearing heralding the need for a pedicure appointment and my friend telling me she had tried them out and loved them it was time to dive in.

The instructions are all very simple; remove the plastic socks (you will need scissors to cut them open), slip onto your feet and there is an adhesive strap to close them around your foot. I didn't realise this and just put my own socks over them to secure and didn't experience any issue with this. You must leave them on for 60 minutes but can easily go about your business in this time.

My first impressions were that there was an alcoholic chemical scent from the socks but not one that lingered once my own socks were worn. I've referred to my notes at the time of application and I described wearing Footner Exfoliating Socks like wearing crisp packets on my feet and whilst it wasn't uncomfortable they did 'crunch' as I moved about. I was also initially concerned about the liquid/gel from escaping onto my sofa but any fears were unfounded.

Once the 60 minutes wear time has elapsed I removed the socks and washed in warm water to remove any residue. For the rest of the evening I was glued to looking at my feet and nothing. I woke in the morning and still nothing. This is not unusual, Footner advise that the skin will start to shed between 1-3 days and if you want to speed up the process soaking in warm water does that.

True to form in a matter of days the process of shedding skin begun and if like me you have a guilty pleasure of enjoying peeling skin when you've been sunburnt or remembers sitting in class at school pouring glue on your hands to peel off once it was dried you are going to love this.

You are of course advised not to forcefully remove skin during the peeling process but in many instances it would easily peel off although some days later I have one or two particularly hard skinned areas, namely on my big toe which are still peeling but at a painful stage.

You are not to use foot creams during the process so when skin becomes dry I did find on my particularly firm carpet that bits would catch and be a little painful but that was isolated areas and generally there was no discomfort.

I have subsequently noticed a tip from Footner that if you do not want specific areas to be affected, such as the tops of feet then you can apply petroleum jelly which I did not do. That said it was quite nice to have areas that are usually unreachable to the usual files and blades such as between the toes that were prone to dead skin shedding.

You are told that in 10 days the process will have ended and I imagine that would depend on how often you are soaking your feet. I found myself jumping in and out of the shower to soak my feet throughout the days when I was at home to speed things up and of course it will depend on the 'state' of your feet when applying. To date I still have one or two stubborn areas that have not fully shed and still offer hard skin but overall my feet are definitely improved and this product undoubtedly works.

Footner Exfoliating Socks are recommended to be used every 2-3 months with at least three weeks between treatments if you want to apply more regularly. I'm not sure how practical this product is for regular use throughout the year. Yes it was fine over the Winter and during a quiet week at home but I wouldn't dream of using this in the Summer as I would never expose my feet in their shedding state in a pair of summer sandals.

Another word of warning, yes I was a picker but you will find socks and carpets covered in dead skin. Yes I know it's gross but it is the reality so you have been warned.

My final thoughts are that Footner Exfoliating Socks are a fantastic product, I think it'd be great for me and women alike but you need to be prepared for the period of time that your foot will not be looking their best. If you're on your sickbed or prepared to hide in socks for over a week then go for it.

I'd love to know if you would or have given these a try.

*this post contains press samples and / or affiliate links

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  1. I have to say that the shedding skin process sounds gross, haha! But I'm intrigued! My feet are in rather good state as I can't stand neglected feet but it would be interesting to see how the peel would work for me. x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

    1. Oh it is gross!!! They work wonderfully but I'm not sure if the time it takes for them to work its magic is practical for me x

  2. I sell these on eBay - tried them myself and found it weirdly fascinating but not particularly brilliant in terms of a treatment - but they sell like hotcakes, they're really popular! x

    1. Yes I think they're great but for what I can achieve in 40 minutes in the salon takes nearly two weeks at home!!


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