Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Winter Hand Care

Since having my acrylics removed many moons again now I tend to my hands needs at home. In fact I look after them far better than I ever did, allowing myself time for manicures and my cuticles have never looked so tamed. As we enter the colder weather one of the first places I start to feel it is my hands. The gloves will be out very soon I'm sure.

In preparation I've added a couple of extras to my manicure routine to make things a even more luxurious. The first is Lush Salted Coconut Hand Scrub which let's get it out of the way now, smells amazing. I could literally sit with a pot of this under my nose 24/7.

As I type this post I'm trying to think back to whether I've ever used, or had used a hand scrub in any hand treatments and don't think I have. Of course body scrubs are a regular in my routine these days and it seems quite logical that you apply the same care to your hands.

How you use this product is down to you and your hands, you can dive straight in to dry hands for a more abrasive scrub or add some warm water to make things a little softer. Either way the combination of sea salt and coconut oil will leave your hands soft and supple. It's also great to have this on hand for any self tanning errors.

Next in my Winter line up is Trind Softening Hand Mask*. Trind is a German nailcare brand that has just recently launched into Marks and Spencer Beauty Halls. With ingredients such as macadamia nut oil this hand mask is created to restore skin, remove impurities and offer a solution to chapped and dry hands.

It was quite a bizarre experience applying a mask to the hands. Firstly of course you're unable to do anything and unlike waiting for nails to dry in this instance you cannot touch anything as things will get messy and application can be as you're battling the applying on each hand without wiping it off. You'll get the hang of it though and after five minutes you simply rinse your hands.

This two products certainly add some additional luxury to my manicures at home and my hands have never looked better.

Would you ever try a hand mask?

*This post contains press samples 

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  1. I have never used a hand scrub but from the sounds of things this could well be something I shall be adding to my basket.

    I'm a big fan of the Body Shop hand creams. I'm currently using Moringa it smells lovely and is perfect to pop in your handbag as it's only small but you literally need the smallest amount so it lasts ages. Having always bitten my nails, I've been making time to look after my hands recently and since the beginning of September I've had acrylics on, it makes such a difference to the appearance of my hands, I'm hoping to have kicked the habit, I love having nice nails :)
    Love Gem x x

    1. I used to have awful nails when I bite them etc, then I moved on to acrylics and then they were causing to much damage and I removed them. Since then with a combination of good care, products and using gels I've managed to get my nails looking rather good. As you say when I have nice nails I feel better!


  2. Oh i have to try that hand scrub!
    I am a long time fan of lush and am always interested in their new pruducts, thanks for sharing!
    best daisy j x

    1. I do love Lush for their slightly different and unusual products like this x

  3. That hand scrub sounds amazing! I don't have a scrub specifically for my hands but I do love using a body scrub on my hands :) x

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