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Beauty Empties | October 2015

Along with my late October favourites, so too is that month's empties. In fact empties have fallen by the wayside more that any other posts of late so there are few jumbled posts that will appear but for now let's focus on what has recently made it's way into the pile.

Quite a few of this months empties have already been repurchased and that includes KMS California AddVolume Shampoo and Maybelline BrowDrama. Both these products are staples and ones I can rely on. For different jobs obviously. KMS California AddVolume Shampoo* isn't the cheapest product but I love the volume it gives my hair and I recently found a bottle at a reduced price in my local Homesense so I couldn't resist picking it up. See my review on more KMS California products here.

Maybelline BrowDrama I've discussed many times. Day to day I'm too lazy for penciling in individual hairs, even with products that make that easy. Instead a quick swipe from this Brow 'mascara' and I'm happy with the look. I have of course replaced already and am tempted to try other versions for comparison but I always resist preferring to stick with what I know. 

Two favourite skincare items ended up in the pile this month, Vichy Idealia Eyes* and L'oreal Age Perfect RefreshingToner. Both of this affordable items hold their own against luxury brands. Vichy is one of my go to high street brands, particularly the Idealia range. The products are perfect for my 30plus skin that I don't always treat as well as I should. With dreadful sleeping patterns and habits dark circles can be a problem for me but Idealia Eyes makes me look more awake than I feel. Toners are always difficult to talk about for me, this isn't the 'refreshing' spritz, nor the tingly acid tone type but it's one I like for those inbetween days when you want something more than just the refreshing spray but not too much for exfoliating toners. There is a lovely masculine scent to this toner which I enjoy and I always feel like my skin looks better for using this.

Unfortunately the Nanokeratin System Re-Vive Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner* was not as much as a favourite as KMS was. Nothing to dislike just nothing to love either - especially for the price point and from a salon brand. Despite being specially formulated for 'virgin hair' like mine it never gave results that I couldn't get from cheaper alternatives. I do have another couple of sachets of this product to use so I will try again and see if I notice better results.

Another month, another hand cream and Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands + Stronger Nails* is perfect for this time of year and a great size for those of you like me who use a lot of hand cream and an even better price. This isn't the fanciest of hand creams but it keeps hands moisturised, isn't greasy and has a subtle scent. 

Even before we reach the end of 2015 I think I can safely say 007 Fragrance for Women* was my surprise hit of the year. As I talked about in my initial review I had a slightly snobbish opinion of what I would class as a novelty fragrance and was proved very wrong. The 007 fragrance became as loved as my Chanel classics and for a much more affordable price. Perfume is something I usually request for Christmas or might treat myself to in duty free but this is one I could easily justify treating myself to 'just because'. 

If you saw this instagram post then you'll be aware of my love for Sure Maximum Protection deodorant. It literally won't let you down, or me at least. I've dabbled with other deodorants, as much as recently in fact and they just don't compete with this favourite. Sexy it isn't but I'm a sweaty betty and have spent years tackling wet patches under the arms and trying every deodorant known to man and this is the first that ticks all the boxes. My only complaint is I seem to go through them sooooo quickly. 

And finally is a boring product but one I mention for a number of reasons. Firstly, I was introduced to The Breath Co via a press sample and secondly it's important for me that my readers see that I will continue use products beyond the 'freebie' and purchasing with my own money - especially in this case when I could by far cheaper versions. This is a toothpaste that I recommend for anyone who doesn't like that minty toothpaste flavour. Minty it says but it has none of that overpowering flavour that would make you gag if you took a sip of orange juice. If you're interested keep an eye on the usual Boots offers, you can usually get it discounted. Read my original review here

Did you spot any products you use in my trash?

*this post contains press samples

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  1. I also love Sure deodorants they're the best. Vichy Idealia products are on my wishlist! You intrigued me with the 007 fragrance, I will have a spritz next time I shop! Xx

    Ally |

    1. Definitely do try the 007 fragrance! It's surprisingly lovely x


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