Friday, November 6, 2015

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Review

Dark spots can occur at any time of for a number of reason, sun exposure, ageing or even from pregnancy and Caudalie have discovered that after loss of body tone and facial sagging, dark spots are the third cause for concern for women. Even more interesting is that many women do not even what has caused them.

Over ten years ago now Caudalie launched the Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum* to provide a solution to these dark spots. Containing Viniferine, a pure product of the grapevine, this natural active ingredient is designed to bring our your skins radiance and correct dark spots and the Vinoperfect serum is a number one best seller.

So how does your serum work? First Viniferine enables the production of tyrosinase, that will regulate your melanin production. Next you're given a boost of radiance and clarity by promotion of microcirculation. Melanin synthesis is limited by anti-inflammatory activity and finally antioxidant activity protects your skin from UV radiation.

All this from one light and milky serum. It is a none greasy formula although during the Summer months I did find it a little too heavy for day wear and a little more radiant than I bargained for which is a shame as the zesty lemon scent was the perfect wake up.

I only have one small dark spot which I was able to observe as I used this serum and it certainly was diminished as I would use. In fact now it's barely visible. For me this isn't a product that falls into the 'need' category and it proves a little pricey for a luminous appearance, especially as I found it too heavy by day but if my dark spot situation were to worsen it's definitely a serum I'd reach for.

Do you suffer from dark spots?

*This post contains press samples

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