Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream And a High Street Dupe

I was lucky enough to come home with a sample pot of Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream after a makeover at John Lewis and my first thought on using it was how similar it was to another product I was currently testing, SKINeffect Active Day Face Cream* which can be picked up in your local Lloyds Pharmacy.

The enigmatically named 'Magic Cream' is the stuff of beauty folklore, Charlotte would whip up her magic cream backstage and skin would be 'magically transformed' no matter how hungover or jetlagged and now for a mere £70 we too can take home our own pot of magic. 

What you have is a very thick moisturiser which it's claimed will do all manner 'of magic' but essentially will transfer very dry stressed skin into looking plump and wide awake, much like the SKINeffect Active Day Face Cream.

At £7.99 the more affordable SKINeffect cream had been added to my skincare line up and reached for on days when my skin was very dry or looking very dehydrated the morning after the night before. In fact SKINeffect cream is claimed to increase hydration in your skin by 15% in just 30 minutes with its patented three in one Hydramatrix, including of course that favourite for rehydration in the skin, hyaluronic acid. 

A mere amateur I may be I see very little difference in both these creams, aside from price and packaging of course. Both are thick creams which if you're over zealous with your application can result in a face of white cream that does require working in and both leave skin feeling supple when it's needed but cautiously if my skin isn't that thirsty things can great a little greasy looking. 

SKINeffects may not be as pretty on the outside but it's inside that counts and it really does hold it's own against Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream. It was lovely to try this much talked about product and I do enjoy having my little pot of magic but for now I think I'll stick to my high street alternative which is available online from Lloyds Pharmacy

Would you pay £70 for a moisturiser?

*This post contains press samples

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  1. I was never tempted to get the CT Magic Cream as, for me, it's just kind of a primer that might not even work for my combination skin. But I'm intrigued by your other, much more affordable, recommendation though as my skin likes to get dehydrated quite often during A/W and feels tight and dry. Will have to check it out! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. Your skin sounds the same as me and I'm sure that'll the SKINeffects day cream would be a handy addition, not every day but ideal for when skin needs some moisture thrown in quickly!

    2. Will definitely need to look for it :)

  2. I've never heard of CT's Magic Cream, but I've heard the Magic Foundation getting some shockingly bad reviews on YT recently x

    1. As per Tweets I'm going to be testing this week so will report back x

  3. well, yes, I would spend £70 on a moisturiser. But, before you tell me off, I will argue a few points. The firstly, I have crap skin. It will play up at the drop of a hat. I thought when I hit my 40's all I had to worry about was wrinkles and grey hair, but au contraire! So. I had to do some research. Always loved Nivea, and use it more as a barrier in cold weather to stop my cheekbone area getting chaffed - real thing! - if I'm going to be walking in bad weather, but it's greasy and lays heavy on my prone to be greasy skin. Olay (formerly Ulay and I still call it such) does nothing for me, Ponds, Dove, Clinique, Boots own make, you name it, I've tried it over the years. I have not tried the CT cream, and won't because I love the one with the broth of the sea, and it works for me. As does Estee's Night Repair. Oh, and the Rio Rosa Mosqueta is always in my stash, because that too works for me.

    So what I'm trying to say in a very long winded way, is yes, because when you find something that works for you, then it's worth the money. However, nothing wrong in trying out cheaper alternatives, because you never know if they are going to be just as good unless you try!


    glad you asked?! ;o) x

    1. Me and Ben have a joke with each other when we talk like this that is 'what did I ask'! HAHA. Love a thorough comment though.

      As long as you are happy with what your using and the cost works for you that's all good! x

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