Thursday, October 8, 2015

Aromatherapy at home with Pur Essential

I must confess I'm not one for aromatherapy and essential oils, maybe only dabbling in oil burners when they were all the rage. Recently I have been introduced to Puressentiel, a brand who want to enable you to bring aromatherapy and essential oils home.

Puressentiel was created by a duo passionate about natural products and aromatherapy with a vast range overseen by doctors and pharmacists to ensure easy to use formulas still contain safe, highly effective and natural ingredients.

They want to make their 100% natural products available to everyone who might otherwise be unsure of using pure essential oils at home. I was sent two products to try which I'm sharing with you today.

The Puressential Purifying Air Spray* contains 41 essential oils, the most active of which destroy unpleasant things such as germs, virus and bad smells. Air freshners and the like usually contain ingredients which we really don't want to be exposing our homes or families to but the Purifying Air Spray is 100% natural. It will help to sanitise air from, in my case smoking and can be used on fabrics and pretty much anywhere you think or really - just do the necessary patch tests.

I found this a fantastic product and an aniseed scent which as the weather has started to turn Autumnal really sets the mood. I would spray on my light bulbs in my lounge whilst I set about my evening routine and then as directed spray in to the four corners of the room as instructed, closing the door to awake to a clean smelling room.

You might remember I'm a fan of Ragdale Hall's Pillow Mist and whilst this is perfect for snuggling down into my pillows it doesn't do much for the room itself. Luckily I was also sent Puressential Rest & Relax Air Spray* to try. Designed to provide relaxation and rest, soothe everyday stresses and help prepare you for sleep it sounded like just the product I need.

Like the Purifying Spray above you're instructed to spray into all four corners of the room which I would do before finally climbing into bed. Again I like to spray on my bedside lamps lightbulb to give things an extra kick. Puressential suggest you can also spray onto a tissue and place by your bedside which makes sense as whilst not overpowering they are a full scent so I think it would be a little too much on pillows and bedlinen.

As for the scent itself its just like dried oranges, you know the ones you use around Christmas? A nice change from the usual lavenders and again perfect for the time of year. It makes me feel quite comforted to have the 'smell of Christmas' before bedtime as it's a particularly favourite time of the year for me.

You can find Puressentiel at Boots and they're definitely something to try as we enter Autumn and are looking for ways to add some warmth and cosiness to dark nights.

Are you an aromatherapy fan?

*This post contains press samples.

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