Monday, October 5, 2015

Beanies Coffee Review

Does anyone else remember the tv show Ally McBeal? It was one of my favourites and back when coffee shops were a mere bean in the British High Street's eye I remember watching with envy as Ally and her pals danced along to their 'theme songs' and walked into their swish offices holding the, so familar now, cups with the lids you'd sip from. As a young and clearly impressionable girl I wanted to strut along in a smart suit, headed for court drinking my cup of coffee but if I were honest I'm afraid I just didn't like it.

Move on to my first trip to the US, NYC specifically and my friends and I, all wanting to be those cool girls with the coffee cups would buy our breakfast, including a coffee and walk around thinking we were it. Over the years my liking for coffee has increase and whilst I'll never abandon my tea drinking I do enjoy a cup of coffee.

This liking for coffee has a downside, no matter how skinny we request those lattes and cappucino's when we start throwing syrup into the mix, I'm rather partial to a Caramel Latte, things can become a little calorific and I always say I don't want to waste calories on drinks. Unless it's a glass of wine but I digress. 

Enter Beanies who offer the opportunity for us to entertain our flavoured coffee needs almost calorie free. I have dabbled with Beanies in the past and my ignorance to what they were trying to achieve led me to be a little disappointed. I purchased the Gingerbread flavour fully expecting to replicate my calorific lattes from Starbucks. Of course it didn't and nor do Beanies pertain to do so. They want to add subtle flavours to your coffee without adding syrups and chemicals.

I was recently sent from the Beanies Instant range, Cinder Toffee*and Nutty Hazelnut* to try and this time having looked into the brand and what they were able to achieve I finally got it and I'm hooked. Let me tell you know that if you are able to sniff any of the Beanies flavoured coffee range, coffee lover or not you will be drawn in by the scent. 

Cinder Toffee as you would expect is a favourite of an evening with it's subtle honeycomb flavour and Nutty Hazelnut has that roasted scent and taste which mixes nicely with almond milk. I do still pop a sweetner in with my flavoured coffee but I could go without if I were being 'good'. I've actually found recently that I've been reaching for my Beanies coffee more often when I get home than my usual cup of tea and that's saying something. 

I was also sent the Premium Blend in Creamy Caramel* to see how it would fair against those favoured lattes. Is it as sweet, no but is it tasty, yes and certainly makes for a satisfying compromise when counting calories. The only negative I have with this is my laziness and having to use my cafetiere to make it, please Beanies, make an instant version for us sloths. 

I'm certainly glad I was able to give Beanies a second chance and will be looking at purchasing more from the range in future.

Are you a Beanies fan?

*This post contains press samples 

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  1. Good morning! I hope you had a great weekend. I don't drink coffee - haha!

  2. I can't stand coffee, even the smell makes me heave urgh lol!

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