Wednesday, August 19, 2015

V Festival Essentials

I'm sure you thought you'd seen the last of bloggers 'festival essentials' posts but I'm afraid you'll have to put up with another from me as. This weekend sees the arrival of V Festival to my neck of the woods and whilst it may not be for the 'purists' and some deem it 'too Essex' as an Essex girl I have no problem with that.

Aside from flash tattoos, floral crowns and channeling your ultimate festival look today's there are some more practical requirements of festival attendance I'm addressing today. Feel free to blame my age!

Firstly it doesn't look like the weather is going to be to be on our side this weekend with rain predicted. The 'Parka in a Pocket' £9 from Primark is fabulous. I picked this up on a whim when I was considering going to Lovebox as I thought it was genius. Lightweight and with a hood to protect from the rain it's perfect - and the design is pretty cool too.I'll also be sure to pack this when I head to DisneyWorld in January as showers are possible.

All that dancing around is sure to leave locks looking a little lackluster so in steps Batiste and the perfect festival variant the Ella Henderson Dry Shampoo*. I know that Batiste do smaller travel friendly sizes but if you're attending with a bunch of girlfriends it might actually take up less room if you were to share one full size can. And with Ella on the bill for V Festival couldn't there be a better time to put to use? An added bonus is that this carries scents of vanilla and coconut which might be just thing after you've spent the night in a tend and your hair is in need of refresh.

femfresh pocket wipes* 
Carrying a toilet roll around Hylands Park might not work but imagine finding yourself in a portaloo without paper. Instead why not throw a pack of the femfresh Limited Edition Festival Wipes*. They'll also come in handy should you be letting your usual bathing routine slide over the weekend. Cute packaging aside they're also biodegradable so what's not to like?

Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry Lip Balm*
Anatomicals is a quirky brand I enjoy and have a blog post dedicated to them coming up soon. For now I'm turning my attention to the Never Lose Your Cherry Lip Balm* which will be inside my festival make up kit. As you know I would usually choose a bright red lip but with a lot of eating and drinking planned it wouldn't stand the distance and I'm going to be less interested in reapplying as the evening wears on. Instead I prefer a red tinted lip balm, I still get a hint of the colour I like but from a product that I can apply at whim without the need for a mirror or a sober hand. Also no disrespect to Anatomicals but I'd rather lose this tube of lip balm in a drunken haze and replace than my favourite Tom Ford!

Finally and back to the beginning of the post and the weather. I know rain is predicated but you can never tell so I would personally ensure I had used Riemann P20 Once a Day* so that I have covered all bases. Who wants their festival experience ruined by sunburn? Not me. Grab the spray bottle too, it absorbs easily and a few sprays and you're covered. 

What are your festival essentials?

*This post contains PR samples

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  1. Great post my lovely. My festival days are over but I was so with you on the practical side of things. I always used to take with me a scarf which I covered in Vicks, so I could tie it around my nose when using the toilets (they always stink) it worked a treat x x x

  2. I really love the parka! I'm too much of a princess to rough it at festivals - haha! x

    1. That's why I'll only go to the Essex one as I can nip home for washing purposes!!

  3. Looks like Saturday will be ok - and you'll need the sunscreen, Sunday may be a bit dodgy though. Have fun! x


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