Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Netflix Favourites

One bonus of being unwell the past couple of weeks is that I have achieved little more than powering through Netflix. I have a fickle relationship with Netflix, sometimes loving it other times achieving more than spending hours flicking through what I want to watch without actually watching anything.

Today I thought I'd have a talk through what has kept my subscription renewed of late, and of course kept me company whilst I was confined to my sickbed. Get comfortable this is a long one and don't worry there are no spoilers here.

Once Upon A Time
This is the show that led me to renew my subscription a couple of months ago. I watched series one and two via Sky Boxsets and when I looked online to see when Series Three would return saw that it was cancelled in the UK. So much was my love for the show I actually brought the third series on DVD and just accepted I would have to wait patiently to do the same for Series Four. Then my mum mentioned she was watching the show on Netflix so I had a look and there was Series Four in all it's glory, appearing weekly as it was shown in the US. Now I'm waiting for the return of series four and 'Dark Swan'.

In short if you haven't watched the show it's based around well loved fairytales with a slight twist. All the residents of the modern day (fictional!) town of Storybrooke are under a curse from the Evil Queen. Without their memories they do not know they are our favourite characters from these well loved tales.

Enter Emma Swan, the only hope the characters have of regaining their memories and breaking the curse. Each episodes switches between 'modern day' and the characters past in the Enchanted Forest. Typically focusing on one character and their story and leading up to the day the curse was cast.

As the series has progressed we've seen the addition of some more modern day characters such as Anna and Elsa from Frozen and series four will see Merida from Brave making an appearance as well as favourites such as Snow White (who is very different from your typical image!).

Is it a little cheesy, at times yes but it's definitely worth a watch if you're a child at heart. Maybe you could even let your children watch with you!

Breaking Bad
If OUAT were the reason for my renewed subscription to Netflix then Breaking Bad was the reason I maintained it. I never watched the series on it's first airing and despite numerous failed attempts to watch in the past I was never able to get past the first couple of episodes.

After making an appearance on Sky scheduling I'd started watching more diligently and by the time I headed off to Ibiza I was on series three. I must confess at this point I wasn't exactly sure what everyone was raving about. Great story and acting it certainly had but I found that episodes could almost become repetitive.

One or two evenings alone in Ibiza I turned to Netflix and carried on with my Breaking Bad viewing so was able to catch up to what was being shown in the UK at the time. Towards the end of the series I found things picked up and overall I enjoyed watching but as with many tv series there is always one that falls a little lacklustre.

That said I am in the minority and overall everyone else thinks I'm crazy for not being completely blown away by the show.

Orange is the New Black
After abandoned Netflix briefly to catch up on my Sky Planner one weekend I found myself without anything recorded and once again turned to my Netflix package and thought I'd see what all the fuss was about with Orange is the New Black.

This show I really enjoyed and pretty much watched the two series in a week. Much like Breaking Bad it's always interesting to see how someones circumstances changes a person, or perhaps brings out the side of them they've kept hidden.

Some episodes actually made me jump or squirm as they can be violence and languages and subject matter can easily be described as salty but I liked that about it. I'm quite keen to read the original memoir the series is based on now.

Pretty Little Liars
Just to complete the stereotypical image of what bloggers watch on Netflix next I turned to Pretty Little Liars, the show I was able to watch all six series of in just over three weeks, due to my illness.

When PLL first aired in the UK I did watch series one or two but long ago I decided to start from the bottom just to familarise myself with it. Am I fanatic like some? No. Have I had a little nose online at theories of course but am I freaking out about tonight's reveal of 'A' I'm afraid not. Initially I really enjoyed the series but by the time I got to series five I was bored and just wished they'd get on with it. Odd episodes were pleasurable, the 'Dollhouse' ones peaked my poorly interest but generally it was just all seeming too far fetched or drawn out.

With the reveal of 'A' happening tonight in the US tomorrow I will be battling my own curiosity to see who 'A' is via Twitter and the like with waiting to get home and watch the episode for myself.

The Good Wife
Once I was up to date with PLL I moved on to The Good Wife. Another show I'm sure I watched sporadically when it was first shown on TV but not kept up with. Last night I finished series one and this evening I'm ready to move on to series two.

I love political dramas, other favourites being The West Wing and of course Scandal (two shows I highly recommend if you've never watched) and this is definitely one that keeps my interest. I like that it's shows are standalone in terms of their legals cases whilst in the background you have the personal side which continues throughout each episode.

As my list suggests I'm more prone to watch TV shows via Netflix than but I've also watched the films Rewrite, starring Hugh Grant and Obsessed with Beyonce (much cringing at times but still worth a watch) and the more interesting 'The Oscar Goes To' documentary.

So there you have my fairly cliched Netflix viewing. Anything you'd recommend I should be watching?

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  1. Hi V sorry to hear that you haven't been well. Hoe that you are on the mend now.
    I'm so with you on breaking bad ...not sure what all the fuss is about. Love The Good Wife and a regular call out on my T's TV treats. I dip in & out of OUAT.
    Recommendations Suits & White Collar - Matt Bomer very easy I the eye I white collar , easy viewing & great locations I New York! ☺️👏🏻 enjoy xx Tx

    1. Feeling much better now thankfully. Glad I'm not alone where Breaking Bad is concerned, I'm sure anyone I gave my thoughts would look at me horrified!

      I've just started Suits and so far so good! Will definitely give White Collar a try too.


  2. I've not seen any of these but have thought about maybe checking them out. James will be starting to work away quite a bit again soon, so I will take full advantage of the alone time to catch up on some of these. I like the sound of OUAT, my brother has been on and on at me about Breaking Bad and I'd like to see what all the fuss about OITNB is all about. I'll let you know what I think when I get round to them.

    Love Gem x

    1. BB is definitely worth watching I just don't think it's necessary worthy of such amazing reviews. I'm certain you'll love OUAT - definitely get on watching that!! x

  3. Goodness, I have enough to watch just using Freeview! Plus YouTube is always good for a bit of viewing.
    I always meant to watch The Good Wife, as it has Christine Baranski, who I adore, so maybe a boxed set could be good for that!

    1. I'm sure you'd love The Good Wife, definitely a good series to snuggle down with in the Winter I think x

  4. I'm having a TV and film lazy Saturday, so thanks for this!

  5. Love the Good Wife, and am now on Series 4 of Scandal and absolutely loving it, I think thanks to you recommending it a while back. Having to use a VPN and watch it on US Netflix though as it's not available on UK version - how rude! OUAT and PLL are both on my list to watch. HATED BB - never got past the first two episodes, I think it's probably my age ;) Suits is next for me, I think , after a recommendation from my 15yo son. We got rid of Sky a couple of months ago, just couldn't justify the cost for the amount we used it, and I haven't missed it at all. The only things I watched on it were the Real Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.

    1. Glad you're enjoying Scandal, it's definitely one of my favourites! I don't think I'm ready to get rid of Sky as I still watch quite a bit on it although the past month I've definitely watched less and less.


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