Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sure Motionsense Creamfields Essentials

Last week I posted my festival essentials and the eagle eyed might have spotted something rather important I omitted, deodorant. If you're heading to Creamfields this weekend and dancing around in a field whether the sun is shining or not things have a chance of getting a little sweaty. And if you're avoiding using the communal showers, well things might also get a little smelly.

As regular readers will know by deodorant of choice is Sure Maximum Protection but it's not the most friendly for on the go applications due to it's cream formula and I prefer a spray such as the Sure Compressed range. You'll always find a can of Sure Compressed* in my desk drawer and it was certainly put to work last Friday as I danced around like a crazy loon in a nightclub.

The compressed cans will last as long as a full size without taking up to much space if you decide to throw in your handbag so their the perfect thing for festival travel. The Sure Motionsense technology activates as it detects movement therefore keeping you dry and sweat free - perfect for a weekend of dance,

It's not just us women that need Sure's Motionsense technology and my brother was pleased with the can I gave him last weekend. As a fireman he certainly finds himself in hot and sweaty situations and the last thing he wants to worry about his kit becoming unpleasant. So far far he has reported back how impressed he is with it.

Don't forget to pack Sure Compressed if you're heading to Creamfields this weekend.

*This post contains press samples

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