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As I continue to 'shop my stash' and use products I already own before buying new ones it will of course stand to reason that some products, particularly due to the numbers I am now sampling, won't work for me. Here is the latest hit list.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette link
This was a Christmas gift the one before last and one my mum couldn't believe would cost so much for an eyeshadow palette so it's something of a shame a year on I'm just not a fan. Everyone of course loves and lusts after the Urban Decay Naked Palettes and I can't deny that this was on my wish list purely for it's hype around its release and a desire to have it. Whilst gorgeous to look at its palette of rose pink neutrals complete with mattes, pearls and metallics I just do not find it works for me.

I have of course tried, followed tutorials and the like but I just don't find it's something I reach for on a regular basis not feel a desire to keep in my collection. As such you'll see it coming on a blog sale very soon.

Sure Compressed Deodorant Invisible Black & White Crystal* link
My go to deodorant is Sure Maximum Protection and you will have seen it mentioned countless times on Florence and Mary so it was something of a disappointment that the Black & White Crystal version was quite the opposite. Despite using over Winter when shall we say things are less sweaty I found I was feeling wet minutes after using. Crazily I persevered thinking maybe it was the particular clothing I was wearing on certain days or some other reasons but nothing made a difference until I returned to Sure Maximum Protection. Yes it's stick form and size isn't as handy as the can and yes the Black  White definitely stood by it's non yellow staining abilities but for me it was a no go.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser* link
If you read my post on the full 3-step routine from La Roche Posay then you will know that this cleanser was far too drying on my normal-combination skin. Whilst a fan of the Effaclar Duo the cleanser just didn't work for me. If you have super oily skin I'd definitely give this a try.

Doctor Manuka Brightening Facial Oil* link
We're all fans of facial oils these days and any that offer to brighten and give me a more youthful looking complexion catch my attention. As expected the Brightening Oil contains the hero ingredient Manuka Oil and I found this was gorgeous to use during colder months when my skin was drier and needed a boost of hydration in my morning skin.

You may as why speaking so highly of this non greasy facial oil that it is appearing in this post, well unfortunately for me the smell was just too off putting. I can only describe it as a cheesy scent - and I like my scent. If it were not for my 'beauty blogger status' and access to numerous products I would have stuck with using this oil as the smell disappears very quickly and doesn't linger in anyway and it's benefits far outweigh the seconds of recoil at the smell. That said when I had numerous other products at my disposal I just wouldn't reach for this and would far rather pass on to a friend or family member with a less delicate nose than myself.

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment
I have gone through numerous tubs of this once holy grail product over the years. I first discovered via QVC and I can remember many years ago my mum and I stocking up on Ojon products from Sephora in the US where it was significantly cheaper. Now I just find it a bit of a faff and hence it's appearance in this post.

The Ojon Restorative Hair Treat is very much a cult classic within those in the know. Back in it's QVC days there were fabulous videos showing rain forests where the Ojon nuts are found and the 'golden elixir' is born to return your hair to a soft, silky and manageable state once again.

My hair has never been on the drier side and despite daily washing and a blast from the hairdryer I find that this product doesn't do anything I can't get from my hair conditioning treatments I prefer to use. I've had this tub sitting in my bedside table in an effort to use it but find the whole process of scooping out a teaspoon and warming in my hands and brushing through my hair whilst tucked up in bed a pain. It certainly makes hair oily and your hands too (not to mention bedding!) and hair does appear much better the day after but the whole process isn't something I do frequently enough to warrant keeping hold of it.

Ciate Paint Pot, Pillow Fight* link
I've had limited exposure to Ciate Nail Paint Pots so I was pleased to see one in a goodie bag after an event (where I had Boudoir applied which I loved). Whilst I have no gripes with the polish itself the colour just didn't flatter or work for me at all. Whilst appearing lilac in the bottle it was definitely more on the grey side than I would like and I wouldn't reach for again so off to a more appreciative home it goes.

Mally Volumizing Mascara* link
Little to say about this mascara from Mally other than the fall out for me made it unwearable.

Bare Minerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara*
Like the Mally mascara above this too was a fall out disaster for me. I also found it very wet and clumpy when I first used it. I persevered some more with this once it had dried out a little but the fall out remained.

Victoria Secrets Love Spell Fragrance Mist link
Love Spell a 'flirty floral fragrance' from Victoria Secrets was once a favourite of mine. Back in my 20s I had a body lotion complete with sparkle which I would always apply before a night out so of course nostalgia got the better of me on one of my US trips and I picked up this fragrance mist (my body collection is too vast to justify one of those) thinking it'd be a nice spritz before bed or when I was sitting about at home. Maybe my tastes have changed as I get old but this is just too overbearingly sweet for me and again I just avoid using it.

There you have the recent products that I couldn't make work, do you see any surprises featured?

*PR Sample

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  1. Always interesting to see what hasn't worked for other people. I haven't tried any of these so can't comment, but I may well be the only person in the world who doesn't own (or want to own!) a single UD Naked palette! x


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