Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gelish Manicure

Gelish Manicure link
Whilst I am a fan of Biosculpture Manicures it was something of a relief when my friend Laura started up Heaven & Gel offering Gelish manicures from the comfort of my own home. My weekends are often spent on blogging or catching up with friends and I can't bear visiting salons for manicures of any nature as I find the whole process so boring. Now I can sit in my own front room, tv on and catching up with a friend whilst ending up with a wonderful gel manicure.

Whilst my gel manicure love started with Biosculpture and at first I found that Gelish lifted quicker on me than Biosculptures would, largely due to aforementioned laziness to visit the salon I have had more Gelish manicures from Heaven & Gel and very pleased with the results.

You will have no doubt seen my various gelish manicures over on Instagram of varying colours and I find that they last up to 2 weeks and often it's colour boredom setting in before a need to remove them (I still haven't found a less boring way to remove gels fyi!).

If you do live in the Essex area and are looking for an at home gel manicure do give my friend Laura at Heaven & Gel a call, she has some fantastic bright neons ready for Summer.

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  1. beautiful color and they look great! Grace

  2. woah, that colour is just perfect!!!

  3. This colour is lovely! I used to have gel nails done but at the end I had to stop because my nails were too fragile :)

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock - MAKEUP REVOLUTION GIVEAWAY

    1. I only have it done now when I've got a special occasion and wouldn't want to risk chipping as it does make nails weaker.

      Victoria x

  4. Oh I've never tried these before but they sound much better for your nails than conventional gel overlays xx

    1. I do find I can't have them repeatedly because they'll cause long term weakness but as a more hardy step for holidays and special events when I don't want to risk chipping they're just the thing x


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