Thursday, May 8, 2014

Halekulani In Room Dining

Despite some fabulous restaurants at our hotel Ben and I chose to eat elsewhere most evenings, until that is our final night in Hawaii when in the midst of packing and readying ourselves for the next leg of our trip we quite frankly couldn't be bothered. 

A quick scan of the menu saw that I could indulge in another steak and Ben would be able to sample some of their fabulous seafood dishes. The service at the hotel once again excelled as Ben made his requests for specific dishes and pretty much made his own bespoke main course.

To start I chose French Onion Soup which was delicious and filled with such flavour. As I mentioned I went for steak which despite a brief time waiting in the heated cubby hole under our table was cooked to perfection and the mashed potato was so deliciously creamy I could've ate bowls of it - even the vegetables which seemed sparse on arrival were more than enough to satisfy my hunger.

For dessert we couldn't not chose the famous Halekulani coconut cake. This cake is possibly the lightest cake I have ever sampled. Even such a huge slab the frosting and coconut flavouring didn't leave me feeling overstuffed as so often even a small cupcake can.

This was a perfect way to spend our last night in Hawaii.

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  1. Yummy, yummy, in my tummy!
    Steak and coconut cake...perfect. (Tho' I'll pass on the soup. Never liked soup.)
    Z xx

  2. There's something very decadent about room service dining, I always think. Your food all looks amazing! x

    1. I love hotels and food so combining the two makes for one happy girl! x

  3. In room dining always feels so luxurious, it's great as well when it's not a very basic room service menu. It looks perfect for your last night when for the most part you don't want to go out to find food. Coconut cake sounds very tropical too.

  4. Looks very good! I am not a room service girl, I at least have to go eat at the resteraunt in the Hotel. They only room service I have gotten was in Bermuda we had a cottage and they would come cook rbeakfast for us and eat out on the porch or in the dining room. It looks like you are in a gormet resteraunt so maybe one day I will change my Grace


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