Monday, May 5, 2014

April Empties Part Two

Bad Brides, Rebecca Chance link
A book isn't typically featured in an Empties post but as I read and disposed of this book on my holiday I thought it was worth a mention. I love Rebecca Chance's books and I read Killer Queens in Vegas last year. They are easy reads (I think I managed this in three days), usually in sumptuous luxury locations and lighthearted - just what one needs on holiday.

Apricot Foot Mask link
I picked up these rather odd feet masks from Forever 21 in San Francisco. With aching feet and spotting these on the counter it was one of those moments marketers work for! I'm glad they were only a couple of dollars as they were vile to use/wear. You are basically given two foot socks which if you'll excuse me for being crude reminded me of wearing condoms on the feet. My feet didn't feel particularly soothed after wearing more like sweaty and they were not easily walked on. Certainly an experiment that went awry. 

White Cloud Cotton Rounds link
I ran out of cotton rounds (I love that is what they're called in America - aren't I easily pleased) on holiday and picked up these from White Cloud in an ABC store (they are every fifth shop in Waikiki). They were satisfactory for my time away although very fluffy and thin so they'd soak up a lot of product. I'm happy to return to my Boots favourites.

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin link
Another Jo Malone sample but you'll know from April Empties Part 1 that I wasn't a fan of this scent - I think I actually used this as a room fragrance. 

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo[+]* link
Another holy grail product that I refused to travel without, especially if not to TMI it would be that time of the month whilst away and I didn't want my blemish free skin to slip. I had actually repurchased this before going away so was happy to return to a new tube to use.

Clinque Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector link 
I hate the dark circles under my eyes hence this purchase from Clinque. On it's initial purchase I wasn't particularly impressed and found the silver tip a bit of a faff and preferred using fingers. It was discarded and only recently returned to when I found my mind had been changed and I was enjoying using it, especially in the mornings as it had some light coverage that working alongside with my current skincare meant I was even happier make up free than usual. I have a few other eye products I'm testing at the moment so despite being tempted in duty free I resisted but maybe next time Clinque offer a bonus time I will give it a try.

We're nearly there with April Empties, you can read part one here and part three here.

*PR Sample
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  1. Can't believe how many products you got through in April - three posts!! x

  2. I think I have too many things on the go at once, so don't ever get a 'collection' of empties.
    Those foot masks sound yucky. Diane Brill, in her fab book, Boobs, Boys & High Heels, did a thing she called Ruby Slippers, with good ole Vaseline and thick socks overnight. Works a treat, but probably only when you are spending the night alone!
    Z xx

    1. I know the old sock trick at night but I can't bear wearing socks in bed!


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