Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Florence and Mary | A New Look

It's not just my bedroom that has been having a redesign, my blog has too thanks to the wonderful Serena at Pretty Wild Things.

I appreciate that many blogs are leaning towards a similar layout these days but the simple layouts were the ones I would enjoy visiting myself and it felt right that as I streamlined my home my blog followed suit.

Yellow is a colour I've been admiring lately so I asked Serena if she could find a balance between clean and simple with an injection of yellow to stop it appearing too bland and I think she got it spot on.

I was said to see my Florence and Mary characters disappearing but it was one of those situations were I felt I was trying to fit them where they didn't blog.

You'll also have noticed some nice handy tabs at the top of the page. I've been blogging for many many years and this blog is primarily for me and is a hobby but I'm lucky enough to work with various brands and PRs on occasion so it was necessary to put in place the necessary disclaimers in place. Rest assured  all opinions on this here space of the internet are honest and true and I will happily let you know when something has been gifted to me or a post is sponsored.

In the past I would always refer to my blog as one of the Lifestyle variety purely due to it containing any ramblings I decided to publish to the outside world. Of course it will not have escaped anyone's notice that I'm sharing an awful lot of beauty babble these days which may or not appeal to all readers and likewise for the latest restaurant outing or book review so you can direct yourself to the Beauty or Lifestyle sections if you're more specific in your tastes.

If you're in need a blog makeover do pop over and see Serena, she charges a very fair price, understands to what her clients want and didn't moan once about any of my tweaks or changes.

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Thank you for visiting Florence and Mary I love reading everyone's comments and you'll always see a reply from me so don't forget to check back.

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