Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Collection 2014 Spring Releases

Last week I was lucky to pop along for breakfast with the Collection team to find out about the upcoming Spring releases. Apart from jumping on the Collection Concealer bandwagon last year - happily so may I add - I have never dabbled with any other products on offer. With this in mind on Sunday instead of my usual no make up face I gave my Collection goodies a whirl.

The first thing that struck me about Collection's Lasting Perfection Foundation* was it's sophisticated  glass bottle and dare I say similarity to the Make Up Forever range - its definitely stepping away from it's cheap drugstore associations and successfully so. The next thumbs up has to be it comes with both a lid and pump - Nars take note. Moving aside from aesthetics Collection claim to provide 'flawless coverage with skin-lock technology' to make it feel weightless. I will definitely agree with flawless and likened it to the coverage provided by Make Up Forever's HD Foundation, if only this came without SPF I would definitely reach for this for those big nights out. When I sent a snap to my friend she commented how natural it looked and I definitely agree that whilst it says it mattifies I still found that a healthy glow was present.

Of course the usual drugstore foundation issue remains and that's only 6 shades available so colour matching may be a problem for many but if you can find a match and for £5.99 I'd definitely recommend giving this a try.

Brows are definitely having a moment in beauty right now with every brand bringing out their offerings and I'm pretty impressed with this compact Eyebrow Kit* from Collection. Three powders, double ended brush and clear brow mascara all for £3.99, this is the winner for me. I have a dreadful eyebrow stroking habit and a cyst which leaves a gap that leads most people to assume I had an eyebrow piercing at one time or another and being such a dark brunette with pale skin it can be difficult to fill in my brows yet avoid anything too harsh. This selection of powders allowed me to draw the shape I needed and fill in sufficiently without moving between too many products. 

You can grab yourself one of these Eyebrow Kits from Boots on 9th April or Superdrug from 16th April.

Two products that have already hit the shelves of your local drugstores are the Smokey Eye Palettes* and Collection Volumising Mascara*. As well as traditional Smokey or Nude you can find trend colours Purple and Blue if you're a little braver. This is the perfect palette you're new to make up as it has instructions on the back telling which helpfully numbered shade to apply where. The only ticking off I have for Collection is 'please remove the sponge tipped applicators'. I think we all know by now how useless they are and I'm sure using them has spoilt many peoples experiences and this palette could've been made even more compact by removing it. 
The shadows themselves have a satisfacotry pigment too them and the middle no 1 shade reminds me of a pinker Naked Lunch from Mac. I'd most likely use these as an everyday look and welcome the darker colours to smoke things up for impromptu nights outs. I'd love to see a similar palette to this that mixes up the colours so I had more look choices as there won't be much variety from this colourway way.

In the photo below you'll be able to see Collection's Volumising Mascara in action on the right eye. I think we'll all agree that ten times more volume as they claim is somewhat exaggerated but they nicely separate and coat each lash with no fall out which is what I need when wearing a mascara all day.

additional products worn; Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Collection Bronze Gold Matte*, Revlon Matt Balm in Elusive and Benefit Hervana Blush

I'd love to know if you're a Collection make up fan or like me have never explored the brand and are keen to do so now - what would be your pick from the new lines?

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  1. I didn't know collection has got such a good choice of make up. Its a brand I don't know much about. Will have to check them out. Your look looks awesome!!


    1. I'm impressed with so many drugstore ranges these days but this is a range I've overlooked. I honestly think the brow kit is amazing!

  2. Victoria you are so beautiful....I love that you always keep little old me on the cutting edge of new products!
    Greatly appreciated information...Heidi
    Whats another favorite Martini of yours?

    1. And you Ms Heidi are too kind. Funny you should ask about martini's as a I was drinking the fabulous but naughtily named Pornstar Martini's only last week. Here's the recipe http://www.londoncocktailclub.co.uk/a-z-cocktails/porn-star-martini-2 - let me know if you try them xx

  3. That mascara looks really nice on your lashes! :)



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