Friday, April 19, 2013

Bloglovin from my BFF

My BFF and fellow blogger Rose did a lovely post today on our blogging history and more scarily sharing our friendship history in photos! If you want to see some fun snaps from our often boozy, slightly hazy younger days have a look here.
Despite raising two cheeky monsters little angels Rose also manages to crochet up a storm and sell her wares at local craft fairs and online. More importantly she also gave me photoshop and whilst I have little clue what I'm doing with it I'm having fun experimenting with it! 
Disclaimer: photoshop has not been used in the photo above, our champagne induced smiles are our own!

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  1. That's a classy setting for a picture if ever I saw one, the bloke whose wedding that was must have incredible taste in weddings (& wedding guests :)

  2. Lovely photo, I'm off to read her post :) x


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