Sunday, April 28, 2013

Le Larry at Belgique, Epping, Essex

Saturday Kelly & I met for a catch up over a pedicure and sitting relaxing in massage chairs having your feet tended to can be hungry work so we nipped into our local Belgium eatery, Belgique after for some refuelling.

Their slogan is "if you're Belgian, it tastes like home. If you're not, it tastes like heaven" so you can expect we had high expectations and we were not disappointed.

I chose the Le Larry; mini goats cheese parcels wrapped in bacon and served with wild rocket and balsamic glaze and it was delicious and light. There were also some unexpected raspberries on the plate which I left for the end for dessert! I think I'll be trying to recreate this for myself one evening too.

Kelly's baguette looked delicious filled with mozzarella, avocado and drizzled with pesto... I was slightly jealous of her side of crisps!

Unfortunately Belgique is a recommendation for my Essex readers where you'll find one of their branches but they do offer deliveries for collection in London

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  1. Oh my that looks divine.....yum!
    The food you posted in your previous post, Momma your eating like a queen!
    cute fellow?

  2. man alive, that looks so good!

    I've prepped salad in a jar to have for lunch today & tomorrow. I've added a sprinkle of blue cheese in both, but it seems quite sad compared to what I'm looking at here!

    food envy!


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