Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Book Review | Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

As expected I finished Dannii: My Story last Tuesday and returned it to the library avoiding any late fees!

I turned to my bookshelf for my next read and decided to find out what all the fuss is about and chose Twilight!

As you will know Kelly, her mum and aunt are all big Twilight fans but I hadn’t read the books and so far have found the films boring but Kelly insisted I read the books and brought me a copy to start me off. I admit I am finding the book more interesting than the films as it’s far more detailed and I will read the whole series but I am still not gripped with Twilight fever like many others!

Are you a Twilight fan or like me can’t see what all that fuss is about?!

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  1. Give it time V, give it time

    I'm going to have to read them again now.

    Hugs Jill xx

  2. get out the host by the same author,.....ten times better than the twilight books x x x

  3. Gave up after a couple of chapters and what I saw of the film, well what can I say................biggest load of rubbish I've ever seen. Not a patch on 'Lost Boys'

    B xxx

  4. I must admit I have not read these, I think all the hype has just put me off them x

  5. Yay! I have read all but the last half of the fourth book. Im glad your enjoying the book more than the movie. That said I liked all the movies and books ;)


  6. I read it and read it very quickly so something within it gripped me but as far as I was concerned it was just a good story, I'm not desperate to read any more of them! If I was a young teenager I would probably be all over these like a rash, but at 27 I have to say I spent more time rolling my eyes than swooning!

  7. Like you, I haven't read the books yet. Quite enjoyed the first film, but was disappointed in the second which I watched this weekend. Really must have a go at the books though, be interested to hear what you think when you get to the end, Victoria xx

  8. I haven't read the books or seen the films. I can't say I'm particularly bothered to do either, they don't sound like they're my cup of tea.

  9. I was like you until I got the books ... I then spent a couple of weeks reading whenever poss (in the loos at work, book hidden under my desk ...) I can take or leave the films but think the books are great - especially Twilight ... have a look for Midnight Sun on Stephanie Meyer's website- it's Twilight from Edward's point of view ....

  10. Victoria, you sound like me! My daughter, Jennifer has read all the books and has left them on my bookshelf where they have been sitting since she put them there. Maybe I will have to jump on the Twilight series reading band wagon too!

  11. Any minute now you will be hooked, seriously!
    I enjoyed the third book the most, and the fourth the least :(! But hope you are enjoying it!
    Oh, P.S I read all four in about a week, so I must have enjoyed them as I'm not usually that fast!!

  12. I am sorry to say I am an absolute fanatic!!! I love the books much more than the films!!
    Love Andrea x

  13. enjoy that read! :)
    it's a fantastic book and a fantastic series!

  14. i'm with you hunny... don't know what all the fuss is about!


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