Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pandora to Paris!

I'm not really one for making resolutions but one goal for 2011 is to start laying out my clothes and jewellery the night before work. 

I have a rather large collection of jewellery yet seem to spend the majority of time in the same  old pair of earrings, taking them out of an evening and putting them straight back on the following morning!

Here is what I laid out to wear Monday evening for my first day back at work

A pair of Juicy Couture earrings - never worn since buying them in NY back in April 2010!
Guess watch
Eiffel Tower Necklace which was a Christmas gift from Kelly's mum, Angel
and my Pandora bracelet which is filling up nicely with charms thanks to Christmas gifts from Kelly, her aunt and other family and friends

Do any of you lay out your clothes the night before?

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  1. What lovely things Victoria ! I too lay out my clothes the night before work as I hate the though of trying to find what I want at 5am, makes it so much easier.

    Hugs Jill x

  2. NO!!!!!!!!
    I do the same as you and seem to wear the same earrings every day simply because they're the first ones I put my hands on in the morning.
    Perhaps it's time to take a leaf out of your book.
    Love your watch and your Pandora is looking good!

    B xxx

  3. Bit late for me to start that now, but know what you mean. When I worked it was enough to organise the clothes, let alone the accessories. I think I wear more of my things now I'm retired because we go away a fair bit.
    If you stick to that goal, just think of all the time you will do other lovely things!

  4. I usually lay out my clothes the night before, but not jewellery as I don't wear much, only my wedding,engagement and eternity rings and a pair of earrings (usually the same ones every day). I love your Pandora bracelet and all the charms.

  5. I think that tyding up before sleeping is already enough for me :)
    I've spotted a tiny Pandora shop also in Venice :)

  6. I decide what clothes to wear, altho leave them hanging in the wardrobe. I tend to wear certain jewellry with certain outfits, so once the clothes have been chosen the jewellry really choses itself. x

  7. Great minds think alike! I was wodnering how to make the process of getting ready each morning much quicker and found I dither around wondering what to put on, so I have decided to get it ready each night too. Much easier and hopefully I'll wear different things too like you!
    Lisa x

  8. I do not set my clothes out and I am actually loving your idea with the jewlery. I also have too much and find rushing in the morning makes me grab what is out. Beautiful Monday Jewlery!! Happy New Year. Grace xoxo

  9. I do if I have to get up rather early and I don't think my brain will be able to cope in the morning!
    Love your Eiffel Tower necklace, it is so sweet

  10. I nag my daughter to do that then don't myself and like you wear the same old. I actually managed a different pair of earings today but forgot the necklace, so yes, I'm going to start that.

  11. When I'm going out I always plan what I'm wearing and get it ready along with my jewelry...otherwise I end up running around like a crazy woman trying to decide what to wear. By the way, love all your pretties...hugs, Linda

  12. Good idea my I never lay out my clothes the night before..I should though...may have more time in the morning for other things.

    Mid week hugs to you. xoxo

  13. ohh what lovely trinkets!.... you're so organised!... hope the 1s week back hasn't been too bad for you. hugs TX

  14. Victoria, I don't necessarily lay them out but I do decide what I'm going to wear the night before.

  15. Nope.... I'm a rushing at the last minute gal! I never wear jewellery but have brought some in the last year, I now need to remember to wear it!
    My sister lays her clothes out plus lays out the breakfast things & makes pack lunch before she goes to bed ....wish I could be more like her!!! :) x

  16. You do have some nice things lady! Yeah I try to do this as otherwise it slows me down in the morning uming and ahing over what to wear! And then I am in danger of missing my train! xxx

  17. Love all of your jewelry someday when you visit bring it all I wish you lived closer But then you may be missing some key pieces....I don't know where they went! Love the watch Momma!

  18. i love your watch! i lay everything out the night before, i even put a spoon full of coffee in my cup ready for the morning! he he! xxx


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