Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a Scorcher!

Saturday I jumped in the car and headed to my brother and SIL's for the night
After lunch including some delicious scones we headed the the local Craft Centre which is filled with some fantastic shops

My brother (!) insisted I had to come home with some of the handmade soap from a gorgeous shop which has sadly closed since I first posted

I decided on the lime soap made with a loofar - perfect for using in the new shower I've just had installed 

We started chatting to the owner about blogging (hello if you tracked me down!) and she told us about a shop down the road selling vintage and handmade goodies that sounded like the sort of thing we would like - and she was right!

Th shop was a delight and it was hard to decide what would be coming home with me (sorry I was so busy oohing and ahhing over everything I forgot photos!). I finally decided on these two pictures

Aren't they gorgeous! I couldn't stop talking about them or the shop all evening

After such a successful day we came home to sit in the garden watching this little guy running around

I hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend

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  1. Love the handmade soap and the vintage pictures! Lovely find - I bet you are back at that shop very soon LOL.
    It is a scorcher this weekend but I'm not complaining :-)

  2. Wow gorgeous things.Where do you live??? LOL.Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. ahh looks like you had a lovely weekend :D those shops look awsome! I love the paintings! lets just hope this nice weather keeps up! xxx

  4. What a fabulous place to shop! The pictures are lovely.

  5. You did really well with those pictures. I love them! Just the kind I would buy. It does sound like you had a great day out! I love the colours of that quilt you from from Donna.
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  6. Wowzer! Looks like a fab place! Am TOTALLY jealous of the rather gorgeous pictures! xxx

  7. Oooher, just let me loose in that sweet shop, lol. I love old fashioned sweet shops.

  8. What a little cutie! Pretty pictures, too. Wonder where ou will put them? It's been a scorcher here as well.
    Hen x

  9. ooh you spent the weekend in my neck of the woods, i do love the blake craft centre but haven't been in a while i think i might need a trip out there soon, looks like you had a fab weekend!!!

  10. Lovely stuff and such a glorious weekend for it too.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  11. lovely pictures, I love it when you find a great shop, gemslike that can be few and far between!
    BH x

  12. Yumm! I love handmade soaps!
    What a lovely day! And whay fun you must have had shopping!!!
    Have a great day, Lindsey

  13. I love the new pictures! Totally gorgeous.

    Thanks for the comment :o) well you have made me thank my lucky stars. At least I can gripe about the heat while hiding in the living room, which always stays lovely and cold all summer (the only room that does), and I don't have to go on the undergrounds in that there London Tahn. I always sweat like made on them anyway, and that's usually in cooler months. You absolutely have all my sympathy.

    If you are ever in my neck of the woods, check out Jimmy's Farm. A favourite haunt of mine.Love all the foodie goodies (though I must warn, some stuff is a bit on the dear side), and there is a little shop tucked away by the kitchen garden, it sells scrummy soaps and things, though you can buy them online too. The pink champagne stuff is my fave.

    You are cordially invited to the next picnic! ;o) xx

  14. The soap looks lovely. Looks like you had a great's been very warm here too :) x

  15. I bet that soap will wake you up in a morning shower. All zesty and zingy!
    Lisa x

  16. I would definately had those pictures! Looking forward to seeing where you put them.

  17. Sounds like you have had a lovely weekend. :) I love hand made soap, you cant beat it. :) xxx

  18. What a brilliant time you had! I love the soap and those pics are gorgeous too! Have a great week! suzie xxxx

  19. Sounds like you had a lovely day!

  20. Sounds like a fabulous day! The little guy is adorable!

  21. The soap looks gorgeous!! So does Brody!!

  22. A Craft Village- my idea of Heaven!!Glad you had a chance to enjoy the weather...the party looks fun!
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  23. Damn it jealousy is an ugly emotion, but oh how I LOVE those pictures!
    What lucky finds Victoria!x


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