Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New York - Day 3

Our last day in NY started by jumping into a taxi bound for The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Now tourists are always told to use the subways and yes it’s cheaper, probably quicker but I prefer taxis. You are able to admire the scenery like The Palace Hotel (as seen in season one of Gossip Girl)


and even better the new home of Carrie & Big!

So back to my Gossip Girl moment

From The Met we walked over to Central Park heading first for the Alice in Wonderland statue

I couldn’t believe how big it was!

We had the perfect day for our stroll through Central Park and it was fantastic watching all the New Yorkers out for their runs and taking part in exercise classes

Sadly the fountain from films like Enchanted (and SATC!) was boarded up

But I enjoyed my walk down The Mall seen in films like Maid in Manhattan

We left Central Park to be met by The Plaza 

where I visited the Eloise shop

I wanted to have a tea party here!

Another SATC moment outside the Paris cinema

and the fountains where Carrie sends Big off to his engagement party with Natasha

Then it was time to hit the shops on Fifth Avenue such as

Where I brought these gorgeous sunglasses

And mum brought me the pretzel charm for my bracelet
(more on my charm bracelets coming soon)

After a coffee break in Trump Towers we worked our way to St Patricks Cathedral and lit candles for my nan and great aunt

And then onto Rockfeller Centre for lunch in the Rock Centre Café

Next it was time to climb to Top of the Rock

If you have to choose between this and ESB I’d go for here every time. It’s a much more pleasant experience and easier viewing from Perspex screens rather than the grills of ESB

There was one all important job left to do – my dad’s cigar shopping at the famous Nat Sherman’s on 42nd Street but this is what we met on our arrival

Oh dear!

With feet now aching and loaded down with shopping bags mum and I decided that it would be quicker to walk the last few blocks to our hotel than trying to find a taxi

This happened to be a great idea when we passed the HBO shop and I got this:

Hmmm I’m starting to come across as a bit of SATC freak now aren’t I!

And finally literally round the corner to our hotel was a branch of David Z’s were we did a little UGG shopping – one thing that is far cheaper in the US than here

Then we spotted the Flatiron Building

We ended our day with a meal at Planet Hollywood in Times Square where there was a display of Twilight costumes

Phew... what a good day!

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  1. Damn right, phew, sounds like you need another holiday to get over this one.

    B xxx

  2. hiya- just landed at your blog (not quite sure how!)
    Got back from NY yesterday, looks like we did pretty well the same sites :)
    Enjoy, and hope you're not delayed with your flight home

  3. Gosh I'm worn out just reading this post! Never seen that Eloise shop before it looks amazing. Love the sunnies too. xx

  4. jealous jealous jealous :D
    I am now even more desperate to get back to NY.
    Glad you had a lovely time...your pics look so bright I could be tempted to forego the christmas trees for the spring sunshine ;)

  5. wow, sure looks like a great trip and one I'd like to do with my mum! Justine xx

  6. Gosh V, you really know how to pack everything into a day.
    Loving your work, now I have to go to the park and see alice.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  7. OMG -- I did not KNOW about the Eloise tea at the plaza!! My daughter would be best friends with Eloise, she loves the books, they are one in the rambunctious same!

    Thanks for the photos!

  8. Fun, fun, fun....what more can one say?


  9. Did you go with an empty suitcase? To bring all your goodies home in??? It looks lovely, no crowds and blues skies. Perfect! x

  10. Alice in Wonderland, Sex & The City, Eloise; all my favs! You did it all girl!! Thanks for the virtual hugs! Do you mind e-mailing a list of the 'New York Must Do's'? I am booking my flight tomorrow and will be planning my itinerary soon.



  11. What a wonderful did it all! hugs, Linda

  12. The energy & stamina you and your Mother must have had on this holiday break is incredible! You have fitted in so much!!!
    Really enjoyed looking at the pictures.

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  13. Victoria darling thanks for the tour. Looking at your photos I feel like I just returned from NY and now I need to unpack. Glad you had a lovely time. Looking forward to the charm bracelet story.

    Love & Hugs

  14. Oh! looks like you had a fabulous time, you packed so much in! Have a sweet day!

  15. ooo so many places that i didn't get to see!! i'll have to visit again, won't i?

    Love the tiffany sunglasses.....i'm soooo jealous xx

  16. I would love to do all that!! I want one of the 'love' key rings!! I would love to have seen the Twilight costumes too!!!! That all looked just wonderful!! SATC and Twilight!!!

  17. I love your top the red stripe how high fashion of you, adorable. I've drooled over all your photos, wishing it were me. what a fun trip .P.s. LOVED the Met picture!

  18. Oh It all sounds so very wonderful!
    I too would love to visit these places one day!

  19. It all looks absolutely wonderful! Have your feet recovered yet? I love all that you have shared with us, and maybe, just maybe one day... We might get there! Suzie xxx

  20. You have the most wonderful adventures! I love that Eloise shop! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  21. I'm exhausted just reading all the things you managed to do. We all love the Enchanted movie here!
    Lisa x

  22. Wow, sounds brilliant! I'd love to go to New York one day. I have an Eloise book and that shop is fab!

    Mel xxx

  23. Great pics, have really enjoyed looking at them - looks like you had a fantastic time!

  24. Really sounds like you and your Mum had a wonderful trip!...

  25. Sounds like a fabulous day to me! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Oh Victoria, wish I could have been there to share a Cosmo and try on Manolas!!! You looked so chic!!! Too think you were here and we couldn't meet, it makes me so sad!! Hopefully in 2012 I'll get to England, planningmy Ireland trip for next summer! Right now, I bag is set to rest a tad bit! Love to you, Lori

  27. Sounds like a great trip! Looks like you packed a lot into your visit. Of course it's always nice to go on vacation but nothing is better than getting back home to sleep in your own bed!

  28. Your trip to New York looks amazing!! glad you had a great time, love the Enchanted film!


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