Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New Launch | Nip+Fab Make Up Range

Nip Fab Make Up Review

Nip+Fab is a brand best known for affordable skincare found in your local Superdrug but it cannot have escaped your notice thanks to it's popularity across social media that they have recently launched a make up range. Products range from £5 to £15 if purchased without any of the offers you'll often find in Superdrug stores where it is exclusively available. I was sent a selection of products from the range that I have been testing out in recent weeks, and if you read my New In Beauty post last month you will already know that the Nip+Fab mascara was heading straight for years favourites post. 

Nip+Fab Liquid Lipstick Biscuit Swatch

We'll get the two products I'm least enamoured with out of the way first, although the reason for that is down to personal preferences than any criticism with the products abilities. First, in packaging akin to Kylie Cosmetics are their Matte Liquid Lipstick* in which I have the shade Biscuit. I am currently in the middle of decluttering my lipstick collection and accepting that I'm not really a lover of nude lips, especially in the matte variety and this is no different. When applied I don't 'hate' the shade on me I just don't really feel like myself without a bright red lip or similar - and I wish they would expand beyond nude shades - but it was comfortable to wear whilst I pottered around home. I paired this during my testing period with the Sleek Metallic Lip Cream to see if either product could find a home in my lipstick collection and I much preferred both products worn together yet it's not really for me. If you love nude matte lips the range is definitely one to explore. 

Nip+Fab Make Up Review

I've barely got my head around contouring and highlighting and now it seems like colour correctors are the next product range to be hitting the high street and I was sent Nip+Fab Colour Corrector* in the shade Banana which is, as the name suggests, a yellow concealing product typically used to correct dullness and brighten so ideal for under your eyes. When first using this product I had never used a yellow concealor, or colour corrector so I was keen to see how this would work for me. This was a nice concealer and ticks my most important box where concealors are concerned, it doesn't crease although I don't think it's necessarily the perfect product for me, and I've actually been testing another brands colour correctors which have been working better for me. The formula has made me keen to try their range of traditional concealers so that's next on the list for me.

Nip+Fab Eyeshadow Swatches

Lets move onto the really good products, starting with the Eyeshadow Palette, 01 Sculpted*. If you've been desperate to find a matte eyeshadow palette on the high street, unprepared to pay the extortionate cost of Visiart palettes then Nip+Fab might just have offered you the solution. Containing ten matte shades of brown and two shimmers this is the palette that matte lovers have been waiting for. The powders feel stiff in the pan and when you put your brush in these is slight kick back but certainly less than my beloved Lorac Pro Palettes and there is no fall out on the eye. Because of the aforementioned favoured red lip I prefer I often keep eye make up very simple and I'm certainly not skilled with creating fabulous smoky eyes so I'd argue there is two many matte shades for me to want to work with but if for example you have a selection of pigments or eyeshadows like L'Oreal Infallible Eye this palette is the perfect addition to make your eye design come together. My limited skills and laziness mean I want a more evenly mixed palette than solely mattes, or to reach for multiple products. Whilst the two shimmers are pretty, again I want a little more significant colour difference or choice from the shades. Again Nip+Fab have only released one colourway of their eyeshadow palette and I'll be interested to see if they add more to their range - an Urban Decay Naked Heat Dupe perhaps? 

Nip+Fab Highlighting Palette Swatches

Nip+Fab Highlighting Palette Swatches

Before I delve into the beauty that is the Highlighting Palette* I must reference the packaging for the Nip+Fab range, especially on these palettes. For the price point these palettes feel strong, study and more luxurious than the cheaper alternatives for what is something very similar. As I say the quality of the materials does stand out although the mirror lovers may have cause to complain. In fact when you compare this packaging to Zoeva at comparative pricing Nip+Fab win here. 

So the Highlighting Palette which is available in one colour way 01 Stroboscopic is going to appeal to all the highlight lovers in the world. Recently I have become more enamoured with highlighting and loving seeing that glow on my cheekbones and as the sun shines it's something I'm sure to apply - but would I want nor need a palette containing such variety? Of course I can argue the case for and against that but I will say I rather like this palette and it will be finding a home in my stash and dare I spout the overused blogger phrase 'its perfect for travel' but it really is. A couple of weeks ago I was staying overnight at a friends. Applying my make up the next morning I was able to utilise the various highlighting shades in conjunction with the eyeshadow palette and had the slight shimmer I wanted.

I'll say little about the Nip+Fab mascara* has it's been a product I've talked of in numerous posts of late, not least yesterdays favourites. It's a fantastic mascara that lengths and gives volume to your lashes. My only negative is that it does dry out and clump very quickly so it's one to use and enjoy than pick at sporadically. 

In summary the Nip+Fab make up collection is certainly one I've enjoyed using and am keen to try out some more products from the range. Have you tried any of their products before?

*this post contains press samples and affiliate links

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  1. The highlight palette looks so good! I'l definitely have to try that x

    Kayleigh // hiyakayleigh.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I haven't tried anything from the brand makeup wise, the highlight palette looks nice, I never used to use highlight but always do now, I love liquid lipsticks too so will have a look at the collection next time I'm out and about xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. I never highlighted either and I've never been as into it than recent months x

  3. Beautiful palettes, I tried the colour correction - it wasn't quite right for me but it was fun to try something new! x

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