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Thirty Plus Skincare | Hits & Misses

Over the course of recent months I've amassed a routine of products that help the more mature amongst us with varying results to talk about today starting with a gift from the Egyptian Gods, L'Or Des Pharaons Face and Body Mist*.

I received this right about the time I was enjoying the ITV TV series Tutankhamun so it was very apt especially as this mist contains 'nanoclusters of gold' and gold was very popular in Ancient Egypt due to masks made to preserve and rejuvenate the skin. Apparently Cleopatra is said to have slept in a mask made of pure gold, hence her radiant complexion so if it was good enough to Cleopatra.

So L'Or Des Pharaons Face and Body Mist is a 3-in-1 purified and revitalised water, containing the aforementioned nanoclusters of gold, as well as platinum and zinc. The mist will combat the visible signs of ageing by revitalising cells, zinc will combat oil control and the platinum will tone, firm and regenerate.

Doesn't that all sound fabulous? This 15ml bottle is £40 so I would expect many wonders and see an Egyptian Goddess looking back at me in the mirror. Sadly whilst this is a nice mist I didn't really feel or notice anything particularly significant in terms of anti-ageing, certainly for the price.

Two products I did love were for the eyes, the windows of our soles, and in the instance of My Perfect Eyes* surprisingly so and Dermalogica AGE Smart Age Reversal Eye Complex* which never fails to tick the box for my skin.

My Perfect Eye's seems too good to be true, a non-surgical eye bag treatment which temporarily reduces the effects of ageing but it really works and I've been telling everyone about this £30 miracle and I'm kicking myself that I didn't try it sooner. It was actually falling asleep in front of the tv one night and waking up to an infomercial featuring My Perfect Eyes that actually prompted me to take the plunge and try it. Of course we're all used to seeing various advertisements and wondering if the claims are true but I have the product at my disposal to see for myself.

The first time I applied the product at home to one to compare and was shocked when I looked in the mirror and saw the difference. I love a product that provides instant gratification. Now it's a product that I will apply for any occasion when I want to erase the fine lines around my eyes.

So how does My Perfect Eyes work? The light formula dries to form a fine and transparent film under the eye which compresses and covers any wrinkles, bags or puffiness. You do feel a tightening sensation as the product creates it's film and it does feel a little strange but it's not uncomfortable and dissipates quickly. I do get the tingling or fluttering at occasion throughout the day but I'm sure that's because I keep touching the area because I can't believe what I'm seeing. I applied around 10am and when I last looked on the occasion I was keeping tabs at 6pm it was still doing it's job so it'll certainly work for long days in the office or nights out.

It's easily applied, just remember to wait for it to dry before applying make up on top and avoid any moisturiser in the area and a little really does go a long way. If you are tempted to buy one product from today's post make it this one and see for yourself.

Your more traditional eye product is from Dermalogica, and whilst I'm not sure it reverses the signs of ages it is definitely slowing them down. Containing retinol you are advised to apply on alternative nights for a couple of weeks to build up your tolerance levels and then you're good to apply nightly as part of your routine. I'm always conscious to not apply too much eye cream to the area and a little of this goes a long way and in the months I've been using this despite suffering jetlag, Christmas celebrations, too much sleep to not enough I'm pleased to report my eyes are not showing any signs of sleepless nights. Again this is another costly option at the £50 mark but I have been using for approximately five months now so it's definitely cost effective.

Proto-Col Moisturising Facial Gel* is known as being an award winner amongst men's grooming although it of course can be used by anyone with a face. Its a shame they advertise this product as being available in a choice of 50ml packaging, being a 'manly' silver pump for the men and a 'delicate 'and luxurious glass jar for us ladies rather than simply 'choose from these two options' but perhaps there are men that would not want to reach for a moisuriser in a glass jar?

Moving on from such issues this is a fairly priced and good moisturiser which I used for a number of weeks before passing onto my brother to get his thoughts. It's a very light moisturiser of gel consistency as the name suggests which 'suits all skin types' and can be used 'day or night'. Of course I imagine from the simple 'instructions' and 'claims' they are again marketing the male market who apparently don't want anything more thank slapping some cream on their face.

For my skin I would find this better in the Summer months as it felt a little too light for Winter use but it applied nicely and make up would sit comfortably after applying. As for my brother's thoughts, he has no complaints. It's always a little difficult to get a thorough commentary out of him on such products but he has been using, has had no irritation or break outs as a result and something he's happy using.

Finally is the No Bleeding Lips Lip Liner* from Know Cosmetics, a brand from the US finally on our shores and found in Superdrug. Apparently one No Bleeding Lips Lip Liner is sold ever 2 minutes so I'm surprised that I'd never came across it nor spotted on blogs until it's UK release.

It's simply a clear lip liner but also doubles as a filler or sorts which creates an invisible line around the lips and stops your favourite lipstick bleeding and feathering. Despite being a smoker I'm quite lucky with the lines around my mouth so I passed it on to my mum who both enjoys a liner and does suffer from lipsticks bleeding.

I had forgotten I'd passed it over before Christmas until she mentioned in passing how much she was enjoying it and how good it was. As well as being able to wear her favourite bright orange shades of red over the festive season she is pleased that this lip liner doesn't require sharpening and is a twist design - be warned twist too far and you'll be unable to wind back. I'm a little jealous now I gave this to mum and might have to pick one up for myself.

*this post contains press samples and /or affiliate links

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