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Products I Used Up | February 2017

So it's not just monthly favourites that are back to Florence and Mary but here I am with a monthly empties post. This is just a small edit of the products that have made their way into the empties pile but they are the ones that I have used this month and at some point I will catch up with the backlog as it's not lost on me that I'm hoarding bags full of beauty trash which I'm not quite sure 'spark joy'.

First is L'Oreal Revitalift Bright Reveal which my friend over in the US brought over for me on her last visit as apparently they cannot be sent by post. As she said 'what is in these'? I enjoy using exfoliating pads and of course being a US exclusive it made these more desirable but I have to say they were nothing special. With so many great versions, at all price points available in the UK and even those under £5 I featured on Monday which are as good by comparison this is not something I'd seek out again as a must have.

Two moisturisers that have been used up this month are DHC Beauty Lift Cream* and SKINeffects Active Day Face Cream* which have seen to different needs and meet different price points. I first tried the DHC Beauty Lift range* last Summer and I'm currently trying to work my way through using up lots of half used products and the Beauty Lift Cream was my moisturiser of choice recently. I referenced in my original post that this was too rich for daily use at the time but during the colder months when skin tended to be drier I found it was the right formula for tackling my skins needs. This is a pricey moisturiser at around the £50 mark which I'd be anxious at repurchasing but if you have the cash to splash it's filled with wonderful ingredients to fight those fine lines and feels wonderful on the skin.

SKINeffects Active Day Face Cream* by comparison is only £7.99 and available exclusively from Lloyds Pharmacy.  I receive a lot of traffic for this being hailed as a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream due to it's thick consistency. I have had this pot in my dish by my sofa to reach for and tackle the dry patches I find behind my ears which can be quite sore. I slather a layer of this on and it does the trick. Whilst my skin is always dryer during the Winter months it's not as dry as has been in recent years thanks to some wonderful heavy duty serums and oils I've been using so as a moisturiser for the face its too heavy for me but for those persistent dry patches it's a godsend and one I reach for to tackle my red nose if I'm suffering a cold and have spent too long blowing it.

Two products that have found there way to today's post hand in hand are the Sephora Rose Eye Mask and Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara.  The latter has been discontinued and they may give a nod to both this mascara's age and warn me of the dangers of trying to work through and declutter ones make up stash.

I've noticed on odd occasion this month that my eyes have been a little sensitive and sore which I mentioned in last weeks favourites was being helped by an eye gel. On one particular evening when I knew I had used this Urban Decay mascara and they really were causing me some discomfort I picked up my Sephora eye mask and soothed the area. These masks are affordable and great fun and probably the only product I wish Sephora was coming to the UK for. I have a few more from the range in my skincare draws so I will be trying some more out.

As for the mascara I can't say definitively it was at fault but I wasn't prepared to chance it again and as it's no longer available it seems foolish to work with something that I can never track down again. With it's curved brush which you can find from other brands and nothing amazing me on it's use it's time to say goodbye.

It was also bye bye to Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer* which has received a lot of coverage on these pages. Repeating what I've said in every post this is again a lovely primer and really does work to smooth out the skin and ready it for foundation application but is at a high price point that . In comparison to DHC Primer which I talked about in my monthly favourites this is definitely a thicker formula so depending on your priming needs I'll allow you to make your choices with what to spend and what you need.

As a blogger I should be allowed to come up with the perfect justification to buy any beauty product claiming it's 'research' or 'for the good of the blog'. The only problem with that is I only have one face and I'd rather use the products I'm lucky enough to be sent and provide thorough reviews on those products than chopping and changing more than necessary. That said there is something of a eureka moment when I find that I no longer have a particular product in my stash and can hit Boots and try out something new. In this instance it was only a deodorant but let's be thankful for the little things. It's well documented I favour Sure Maximum Protection and has ceased featuring in my empties as it was getting a little repetitive and instead sharing on Instagram but I wondered if I was indeed in a rut and decided to pick up Mitchum Gel Deodorant to compare.

Let's say sometimes you're not in a rut and simply know what product works for you. Whilst I used this completely as it wasn't dreadful and I'm spending more time on the sofa than running around an office of late it won't be something I repurchase and I will be returning to Sure forthwith. Firstly I would turn the dial to release the gel but it would almost pour out wasting a lot of product each time. I would also find that it was very wet under the arms leaving me doing a chicken dance before I could dress. That said the wetness would always feel ever present. Interestingly I discovered I tried the solid version of Mitchum and it was a fail so I think it's safe this is not a product that works for me.

Finally is a product that makes me weep with sadness that it is here, Jo Malone Bath Oil in Pomegranate Noir. My friend introduced me to Jo Malone many years ago and I still shed a tear that my cleaner broke the stopper on my glass bottle which I'd been refilling from the plastic packaging. This has been a repeatedly purchased product and one I love to use. The scent fills my bathroom and I just love the smell that floats around my home. My only complaint and wondering with Jo Malone is why they do not have a version with bubbles. There's something about climbing into a bath filled with bubbles and whilst the scent of this makes up for the lack of I do miss it. I'll definitely repurchase but think I might save as a treat for duty free or a reward when I finally find a new job.

What products have you used up recently?

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  1. last year I managed to win a competition for a bottle of L'Oreal foundation. I really liked it. My skin is poo, it has every problem known to man so I'm always nervous trying out new foundations, they usually sit in the dry patches on my face making it look a million times worse, and I'm always blotchy, I thought the Vichy Dermablend would be my dream product for that, but not so. Cakey and really highlighted the dry patches. The true match wasn't as bad. So, now I'm about to run out I have bought a new bottle. For me, that's a big deal. I hate forking out on foundation, because of my annoying skin it always feels like a waste of money, so to go out and choose to buy it means I was impressed with it!

    1. I love L'Oreal Foundations I really rate them, if you have dry patches you should try the Lumi cushion or liquid foundation. x


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