Thursday, December 8, 2016

Skincare Review | DHC Bento Box

DHC Bento Box Review

I am rarely sold on the monthly subscription boxes where a box of surprises turns up each month but I do always keep an eye out for brand specific offerings. The DHC Beauty Bento Box* is one such type that I was recently sent to try and share with you today.

DHC is a Japanese skincare brand which I was able to try back in the Summer with positive results. One product I was keen to try and saw popping up all over blogs is the DHC Cleansing Oil, one of the first to make it's appearance on the UK scene, luckily for me it is included in the DHC Beauty Bento Box.

DHC Skincare Review

Each set contains; DHC Revitalising Moisture Strips for Eyes, Blotting Papers, Deep Cleansing Oil and a Mild Mini Soap. As already mentioned it was the Cleansing Oil I was most keen to try and I have no complaints but wasn't overwhelmed. The product that did surprise me was the Mild Mini Soap. I really enjoyed using this and have been reaching for in the mornings and finding my skin looks clean, fresh and awake as a result.

I never think I really need blotting papers until a situation like this where I'll have some to use, throw them in my bag and reach for them on occasion and see the excess oil being soaked up.

Yet to be tested are the Moisture Strips for eyes which I'm planning to bust out this week as despite my current 'unemployed' state life is very hectic at the moment and my eyes are appearing to suffer and I need some help.

If you're looking to gift a friend with some skincare favourites or perhaps keen to try out DHC as a brand yourself and dip your toe in the Japanese skincare offerings this is a great way to do so. Because of the range of products this is even a nice selection of products to purchase and make your own crackers with or add as a table favours.

Are you a fan of Japanese skincare?

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  1. This looks fab - I'm adding it to my Xmas list! x

  2. This is actually really nice box to discover some products from the brand. I've tried that Cleansing oil, it's nice but I have a feeling using virgin olive oil would be more beneficial ;)
    I'm like you, never think I need blotting papers until I actually have them ;) x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

    1. Glad it wasn't just me that didn't find the Cleansing Oil overwhelming


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