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Review : Friction Free Shaving - A Monthly Subscription Service

Ladies Razor Subscription Service

Subscription boxes and services are in abundance these days and when I received one from Friction Free Shaving* I thought it was something of a gimmick but would appeal to some and worthy of testing. I was amused after my first use and my subsequent investigations into how the service works that I have been completely sold. Yes if I was handed this as a gift I'd probably roll my eyes but I'm sure months later I'd not know how I have lived without it.

Friction Free Shaving is simple in it's genius. Log onto, pick your razor type, add on any lotions and potions and hit subscribe. You'll receive your razor and four weeks worth of blades and then each subsequent month following you'll receive your months worth of blades.

As I said when I read about this service it sounded slightly gimmicky, is this really necessary but if like me you weep at the cost of razor blades or have found occasion when you're torn your legs to shreds shaving with the only razor left in your bathroom, and a blunt one at that this removes any concerns.

There are three razors to choose from, the highest priced at £7 per month. That is Samantha, of 'Golden Sam'. 5 blades, a vitamin E lubricating strip and a 'wide soft rubber guard for lifting hairs up'. Samantha is a nicely weight razor and far superior to the plastic handles I am used to - if you've ever pinched your fella's razor this is the quality you're getting here.

I love my Gilette Venus & Olay razor but it is messy and costly to purchase the replacement blades each month. Friction Free Shavings Samantha is a major contender. Of course a monthly subscription may work out excessive for many, especially during Winter when if you're anything like me your legs are encased in tights and you can afford to go a day or two between shaving but you are able to cancel or postpone your subscription at any time so you manage based on your needs.

Friction Free Shaving work on a daily shaving needs basis, you replace your blades every Sunday and at the end of the month your next set arrives. I've so far used the razor three times during a week period and it's working well. I'm keen to see if they are useable for a full seven days and/or it's more based on an average weekly use - especially as if you're shaving daily there's less to tackle each day. But perhaps I'm taking things a little too literally.

Using Friction Free Shaving, however fits your lifestyle certainly appears to work out as a more cost effective option, saves you from ever running out of razors and stops you using bacteria laden, blunt blades on your legs. And at under £2 per week for the highest priced option it's a thrifty choice.

This is a great product for your holidays as you could take one or two sets of blades depending on your holidays duration and dispose when no longer needed. I often grab disposables for my travels or the Gilette Venus Snap but Friction Free Shavings option seems like it'd actually be more travel friendly in size.

As part of your subscription you are able to add on the Friction Free Shave Cream* for £6 which is a lovely product, or though one I'd say nice to have and would depending on the types of products you like to use. Developed by experts and scientists this cream containing Manuka Honey, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil will soften hairs and reduce friction.

Applied onto damp skin I have used my razor with and without and there's no denying it's going to leave legs smoother and softer to touch than a regular shower gel.

Monthly razor subscription service

I'm sold, how about you?

*this post contains press samples

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