Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Review | Busy B DAY A PAGE DIARY 2017

I love a diary but I'm incredible fickle about my choices and have been known to chop and change between types and methods throughout the year depending on where my life is at. Currently, whilst 'unemployed' I no longer have the Outlook diary in the office which I can view at a glance five days a week and no need to carry my Louis Vuitton Personal Organiser around because I now have the Ban.do weekly diary to hand during some point of the day.

I'm finding the Ban.do Diary currently suits my needs as I keep track of what is becoming a far busier lifestyle during my 'sabbatical' but I have managed to find a way that works for me perfectly - and I may well share with you in due course.

Something I am conscious of is returning to the corporate world and wanting to maintain my diary at home and my blog requirements. That is where the Busy B Day A Page Diary 2017* comes in. The Ban.do is perfect for keeping track of appointments, notes and reminders but what about my plans for the day when I need more space than a few lines to plot my day?

Currently whilst finding my 'working from home' routine I'm using a regular notebook simply to write down my tasks for the day whether blog or home related and only yesterday I was writing the dates for the forthcoming week to add future tasks that are coming up which isn't ideal and a day to a page diary would do just the job.

When I return to work and I'm reliant on scheduling posts and some might say being more in front of my blog planning the Busy B Day a Page Diary 2017 will be perfect for this and I wish I could start using it now - in fact as I write this post I remember my 2016 diary that has been untouched and will start using that for the remainder of the year. 

I'm sure stationery lovers are already familiar with Busy B as they have some wonderful products to keep you organised whilst aesthetically pleasing. The Day a Page Diary I have compliments my marble Ban.do planner and is A5 in size so sits nicely atop it and create one of those areas of your desk that you could almost consider Pinterest worthy. 

It's not a diary I would want to carry around in my bag on a daily basis as with most day a page diaries it is weighty but not overly so, compare it to one of your more heavier books you're reading. The cover is soft, similar to your Moleskine notebook which ensures there is no added weight but has a sturdiness I'm not concerned about becoming too damaged. It's cream colour I'm sure would suffer some battering over time but I'm not too worried about that for now.

Its internal design is very simple, a day a page and that's that. The pages are lined which is a thumbs up for me and my preference and there's enough space for me to cover my tasks for the day whether simply 'share post on social media' to reminding me of products to follow up on. I can easily make notes about products I'm currently testing and other such musings on the pages.

Another thumbs up from me in addition to lined pages is that Saturday and Sunday are also included as full days to pages. So often diaries limit the space for weekends which would drive me crazy. When I was working full time it would be the weekends when I would have to run most of my errands, particularly blog tasks so its great to see that I can carry on as normal without limited space.

In short for me I will be using this less of a typical diary and more of a dated note or list book - which I guess is what a diary is! I'm sure there will be some days left blank and I'm keen to investigate some stamps or stickers for repetitive daily tasks that will be time saving in the future and if I'm so inclined I can pretty the pages with some washi tape if the mood strikes me.

Diaries are very personal things depending on your lifestyle and requirements but I'm Busy B will have one for you.

What diary method do you use?

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  1. Ooh I love a good bit of stationery lol I'm getting a kikki k planner for Xmas have you visited their shop in Covent garden??

  2. Diaries are so personal! I've struggled to find one that suits my needs. While I'm not working, I've created a bullet journal which I'm finding really helpful. But I don't feel that this system would be particularly suitable when I'm back at work. I just don't think I'd have time to create the layout I want while working. I'll definitely be checking Busy B out for when I'm back to work. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. I'm glad it's not just me that struggles to find the right method, and as you say what works in one circumstance doesn't always fit another. Good like on the hunt


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