Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring Cleaning My Make Up #1

Blogging is very much extremes these days, one minute we're craving huge make up collection videos and in the next breath it's decluttering our stashes that gets the hits. For me even as a minor league beauty blogger I can't deny that the large amount of products I own can be a little overwhelming and it was time to have a little clear out.

I've named this post #1 as I suspect this might be a series of sorts that I sporadically share on my blog as I continue wading through my products and decide rather than have multiple variations of the same shades or products I instead pass them on to friends and family. Hands up if you have friends like mine that like nothing better than going through the bags of products you have at your disposal.

In some instance it might be products that don't necessarily work for me or just simply those that I have another similar product that I use more frequently.

First are two Wet n Wild Eyeshadows in Brass and Brulee. The later is something of a dupe for Mac Brule and was one of those products that appears on Pinterest that I added to my US Shopping Lists. Whilst I love Wet n Wild Eyeshadows I have similar colours to Wet n Wild Brulee in my extensive palette collections, rarely reach for single eyeshadows these days and it just didn't do enough for me to warrant keeping.

Wet n Wild Glitter in Brass was a disappointment but perhaps not surprisingly so. As you can tell from the pan this is very chunky looking and when I had a play around with it I had more glitter on my face than my eyes. Whilst it's one of those fun shadows to play with I think if I were to brave such an eye make up look I'd need something a little more sophisticated.

Oh I tried to make the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Contour Palette work for me and was really excited when I picked it up in the US hoping for it to be a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar Bronze and Glow (read my post here) but alas it was not to be. I found the size of the powders too small for me to work with (although I have more success using the brush enclosed with the palette) and when I own the aforementioned high end palette it seemed pointless to keep one I didn't like nor reach for.

Maybelline's Eyeshadow Bases were another two products that didn't work out for me. I'm yet to find a drugstore eyeshadow base that works for me and with Lorac and Urban Decay knocking these out of the park, again there was no point keeping them. I did consider keeping the illuminating version for use as a highlighter as it's applicator made for running down the nose quick and easy but I just was not reaching for it.

Finally is a product I didn't want to part with, Bourjois Quad in Over Rose* but it's time to stop the excessive indulgence. The Bourjois Quads are fantastic and I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for highly pigmented, long lasting eyeshadows. So why part with them? Well I don't wear pinks very often and once again my palettes have the shades covered and this was sadly neglected in a draw. I'd much rather someone else was able to love and use it rather than it gather dust.

So there are some products I've managed to part with, not a great deal but it's a start.

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  1. I agree with you, I think most of beauty bloggers/vloggers are trying to streamline their makeup collection :) I've just re-organised my makeup drawers and got rid of some products that I would never use and decided to shop my stash on regular basis instead of buying new products. It's hard though with all those exciting new releases, lol! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I'm not so worried even about buying more, it's that I can't justify buying more because I have so much already... I think it's a case of one in one going forward at the very least!

  2. I love this idea! You have inspired me to go through my make-up collection now and do the same. It is always a shame when you don't get on with a product and have to throw it away/pass it on to someone else x
    Louise |

    1. Yes especially when you have high hopes for something. Let me know how your spring clean goes.


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