Friday, April 15, 2016

Art Deco Arctic Collection Review

It's Spring and I'm fully aware that I should be sharing products from Art Deco like their Field of Flowers Blush or their new bronzing collection but it's rather grey and wet in London today so it seems almost appropriate.

The Arctic Collection from ArtDeco was released for Winter 2015 and I was lucky enough to receive products from there range and as there are still some available and my sister in law is still raving about the range I thought it was worth a post.

Starting with getting the blurb out of the way, ArtDeco is Germany's no.1 selling make up brand and it's slowly making waves in the UK and deservedly so. The Arctic Collection drew its inspiration from the arctics ice crystals, auroras and glacial landscapes. To me if feels and looks like it's a grown up Frozen make up line so if you're looking to channel your inner Queen Elsa then look no further.

Diving straight into the range with four nail colours. I've used ArtDeco nail lacquers before and these are all pearly, icy shades which I would not really be drawn to wearing. My SIL on the other hand loves them and has even found layering on darker shades create some wonderful effects so they're worth experimenting with.

Shade 04, Couture Crushed Ice* is a pearlescent, shimmery shade, as is 08 Couture Frozen Land* but in a silver tone. If you're into a nude nail with a pink overtone then the milkier coloured 608 Couture Pearl* or 955 Couture Ice Flower* might be for you and one I'm going to return to using these as I do like a nude nail when wearing falsies.

ArtDeco nail lacquers are great in opacity, even in these lighter shades, although not so forgiving on natural nails which have damage such as ridges etc. I'm using a top coat from ArtDeco at the moment which is working well and worth trying out.

The stars of the range for me are undoubtedly the Arctic Beauty Blush* and Highlighter*. Perhaps understandably so I was using the Highlighter incorrectly at first and explains why I was a little disappointed. I assumed it was for the face and lets be honest, grey does not work well as a highlighter, certainly on my skin, although interestingly the pink worked well if I could angle my brush appropriately. In fact this highlighter is in fact eyeshadow and I can totally see how this would work and I will be diving back into my pile to use it as such.

The blush on the other is simply a blush and is right up my street by way of colours. I do enjoy a blusher that has a mix of tones to swirl your brush in and liven up the face. The sun may be attempting to show its face but I'm still demonstrating the paler skin of winter so will take all the help I can get.

Moving onto the Arctic Beauty Lipsticks* which on first glance I thought were going to be a little dated for me and perhaps ageing but aside from 103 Cool Coral* which is in fact a pale shimmery shade better suited for the younger make up lovers amongst us but both 101 Cool Orchid* and 105 Cool Peach* (I must say the names don't match the colour you're seeing in my opinion) have remained to hand and are creamy texture which feel comfortable in the hand and are ideal for a natural look.

Similarly the Arctic Beauty Glam Stars Lipglosses*, which of course work well alongside the aforementioned lipsticks are a bit hit and miss shade wise for me. 31 Frozen Orchid is a perfect accompaniment to nudes when you want a little depth or worn alone if your preference. 35 Frozen Flower is a very pale, milky shade with the shimmer evident across all the range. It can be worn over lipsticks but along it's not something I'm a fan of. Again my younger friends might be more inclined.

The final products to share from the collection are where we get into full on glitter and sparkle territory. I'm not a fan but again my sister in law is wearing these constantly. As usual when I commented on her eye makeup whilst in Florida she responded 'it's the make up you gave me' (I was lucky enough to receive duplicates of the range).

The Glam Vintage Shimmer Cream* and Glam Stars Liquid Eye Liner* are fun products but not onces I can make work for me. The Shimmer Cream can be used across the body or simply on the eyes and it's wet texture makes it ideal to pat over matte shades to add some depth although it's a little too chunky for my liking. The ship has sailed where glittery eye liners are concerned but I did enjoy having a play around with it as a liner or adding a touch of sparkle to my lashes. 

And lastly a product I loved and whilst unlikely to use again, I'm rather taken with the beautiful packaging is the Arctic Beauty Dust*. Make no mistake one pump from this and you'll be sparkling so it's certainly fun for any parties or perhaps children would love a dusting of this in their hair.

Are you a fan of glitter and sparkle?

*this post contains press samples

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  1. Such a pretty collection! The blush looks stunning! How funny that what you though it's a highlighter is actually eyeshadow :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    1. I know what a nightmare but they were so similarly packaged to the blusher and it was called a highlighter so what was I to do!!

  2. Lovely products.


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