Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Oscars | Ready Carpet Ready

This weekend marks the culmination of my favourite time of the year, awards season and on Sunday The Oscars. Without stating the obvious I will not be attending and my nights out rarely involve a crack team of stylists and make up artists but I'm not without making a few steps by way of preparation.

The first step whether it's the real paparazzi or your friend being over zealous with their new camera making sure your smile is complete with some pearly white teeth which means reaching for some sort of teeth whitening product. I have a few teeth whitening kits on hand at the moment to work my through and as both a smoker and heavy tea/coffee drinker this would come as no surprise.

My first foray into teeth whitening was with iwhite instant teeth whitening kit*, a very simple and easy to use offering. Each box is priced at £29.99 with ten ready to use mouth trays that you simply fit onto your teeth after brushing. The trays are filled with an active gel that should be in contact with the teeth although the soft and not too uncomfortable trays make easily done. Wear a set of the trays on your top and bottom teeth for 20 minutes and voila you're done.

I was worried about sensitivity but didn't experience anything at all and the results were worth 20 minutes of my day. Of course for the reasons I've already mentioned I wasn't in Ross Geller danger territory but there was a marked improvement beyond regular brushing. Depending on the staining on your teeth you can wear the trays for up to five consecutive days perfect for the week leading up to your big event and it's something I'd like to add to my weekly regime, regardless of the nights out.

A bronzed tan is necessary if you're showing a bit more skin than normal in your party frock as my nan would call it and you don't always need to hit a salon for that professional touch. I've said before I'm not the best with applying self tanners and have found mousse tends to be a preference but that changed when I used Tantruth The Ultimate*. I had this sitting in my 'to test' pile for some time but eventually plucked up the courage with pleasing results.

Starting with the bottle whose plus point is actually a negative. The pump dispenser makes it easy to reach for multiple times without things getting too messy. Please tell me I'm not alone to get myself in a right old muddle with a tube and mitt. The problem with the pump is that despite it having a safety feature in that you'd twist the pump back down I couldn't manage it without dispensing more product. In the end I had to keep the bottle in my bathroom to avoid finding my carpets looking more bronzed than I would like.

I would apply with a mitt and found that the cream would smooth over skin nicely and the guide colour was sufficient for me to see what I was doing - always a plus. There's always a scent of some nature with tanning products but Tantruth didn't have anything to cause offensive and it felt most like a professional salon spray tan than other at home products.

The next morning skin after the required shower skin was and looked tanned. Often I'm so scared of self tanners that I wonder if I'm too cautious when applying and then look down and can't even tell a difference but that was not the case with Tantruth.

The third item on my list is perhaps not really something you would prepare in advance but you may need to practice if like me applying false lashes is not your specialist something. False lashes are guaranteed to make you look different and show a little extra effort with your look that night. I've been playing around with Invogue False Lashes* recently and they're the ones I've been practicing and reaching for.

So often we think wearing false lashes means finding the biggest fluttery pair possible and if it's a big night out you have planned the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable. Invogue have lashes to suit everyone whether you want to Glamourise or Volumise your look - just practice and be comfortable.

You've heard three of my big night out preparations, what are yours?

*this post contains press samples

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  1. I like the sound of the teeth whitening, I have tried crest strips in the past and found they didn't really do much but since then I've not tried anything other than toothpastes. Lashes are lovely for an occasion aren't they? My daughter is a MUA and the amount of people who say they don't want lashes but are then so pleased they had them when my daughter explains how they make a difference to a make up look, I couldn't wear them all the time but love them for an occasion :) great post as always xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. I have some of the Crest Strips from the US, I'm interested to see if they're as good as everyone says.

      How lucky to have a MUA daughter and I'm not surprised to hear about peoples reactions with lashes. They can make such a difference.


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