Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kawaii Box Review and Giveaway

Hands up if you're familiar with the Kawaii trend? For those who aren't kawaii simply means cute in Japan. The trend spawns all manner of products from the more mainstream Hello Kitty and Sanrio brand you're probably familiar with to the more niche characters and simply anything that is deemed 'cute'.

As with most trends of this type there are those who fully immerse themselves in the kawaii world and others like myself who just like the odd little piece here and there. Enter Kawaii Box, a monthly subscription service (is there nothing we cannot get on monthly subscription anymore?). Each month you'll receive a box of cute products (10 - 12 items per box) from Japan that fit the kawaii mould. The type of items vary but tend to feature things such as cute stickers, Japanese sweets, cute characters.

The price of these boxes is pretty comparable to others of its type. There is little price difference in signing up for the monthly service to the yearly one but you will get one free box on that plan but there's a plan for everyone if this is your thing. The boxes are $18.90 on the monthly service which can be cancelled at any time. These prices are also inclusive of free worldwide shipping.

I was sent a Kawaii box to review and share with readers and keep reading as there's a chance for you to win a box of your own. Inside my box was 11 items which fell into a stationery theme from the giant plush pencil case to stamp sets and envelope seals.

I'm fully aware that perhaps my age and not being a kawaii purist that the box wasn't necessarily aimed at me and whilst the Lollipop pen still sits in a jar on my desk and is used and I happily samples the Meiji DIY Sushi-Bar Gummies for the most part the items in this box weren't really something I would use.

What I did find was that all the items in this box were perfect for me to pack as in flight entertainment for my niece when we travelled to Florida recently. She loves these sorts of items and had great fun on the plane with the Popcorn Rolling Stamp Set and writing notes she'd put in the Patterned Envelope Set.

The main item in this selection of products was the Flan Dakigurumi Plush Pouch. I knew little about this character but it seems a familiar one to those in the Kawaii world and is available in all manner of styles. They retail around the same price as the box itself so you can consider everything else in your box 'free'. And of course my niece loved that too.

As I've mentioned and just a look through the Kawaii Box site there are different themes to your Kawaii Box each month so some will appeal more than others, but we know that is the 'risk' you take with any subscription service.

Whilst I don't think the Kawaii Box is something I would personally sign up for it's definitely one I would consider for gifts when looking for something different. Depending on budget I think these would make unusual gifts for children's parties.

For those of you still intrigued there is an opportunity to win a Kawaii Box for yourself to try, all the details are in the Rafflecopter below. Good luck and have a Kawaii Day.

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