Monday, August 11, 2014

July Empties | Part 3

If you're not a fan of my empties posts you'll be pleased to know we've reached the final part for July. And if you are a fan and missed parts one and two you can find them here and here.

Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion* link
I reviewed this gradual tanner prior to my holiday in this post when I was trying to amp up my skins colouring before I had to be bikini ready and was pleased with the results. As I said in my review this does have some strong colouring so some caution should be taken with applying but I have enjoyed using it. I'm still not the best at applying body lotions or tans in general and as you will have seen in this months favourites posts I've been reaching for the instant tanning lotions when I've needed it recently.

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Hand Cream link
A favourite from June which had it's last squeeze with almost tears from me at it's end. I loved this hand cream which whilst expensive worked like a dream. Will I repurchase most definitely I'm just determined to use up a few that are nearing the ends of their life before I can settle on a fresh new tube of this beloved product.

Palmers Night Renewal Cream* link
On nights when I wasn't feeling the oils I would slather Palmers Night Renewal Cream on and was happy enough with it's results. Sometimes if I was in need of extra moisture then I'd put it on top of the Palmers Skin Therapy Face Oil which I talked about in this post. The thing I really didn't like about this product was it's scent which was very old lady and artificial. At night I like to have scents that soothe and relax me whereas this was so evident and not one I enjoyed that it would almost wake me up.

Vivienne Westwood Boudoir Perfume link
This scent reminds me of my younger days when I would be out till all hours. Mum picked this up for me from Harrods when it was only available for sale there and it was a real gem. The scent is strong and heavy so doesn't suit everyone but I was lucky enough to get away with it and receive many compliments whilst wearing. I have already repurchased.

I hope you made it to the end of three empties post, who knows how many parts August will have.

*PR Sample
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  1. VW Boudoir is my favourite perfume!

  2. I love the VW perfume, I can always tell when someone is wearing it.... it's gorgeous!

  3. That hand cream sounds gorgeous - I'm adding it to my wishlist. Would love to see your empties in video form - are you still thinking about vlogging? x

    1. Yes you will love the handcream. I do keep thinking about how much easier it'd be to do my empties in video form - I need to practice x

  4. I have that perfume, I love it but I don't think it suits me, so I use it as a room spray particularly in the colder months. <3 x

  5. That Laura Mercier hand cream sounds divine!!


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