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Biosculpture Nails Manicure

Biosculpture Manicure*
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I am ridiculously late to the Biosculpture party despite my best friend having manicures with them for years. When I first had my acrylic nails removed I was confident that I would give myself weekly manicures, apply nail polish religiously and use all manner of strengthening products and my nails would in return become perfect talons that ignoring my old beauty school teachers words that 'nails are not tools' would be strong enough to climb walls.

Sadly whilst I had good intentions I have found it's more likely I'll apply a rush job of colour to my nails which will slowly chip away, exposing my nails to breaking. Yes I do use strengtheners and the like and my nails have become stronger and I've even approved at painting my own nails and have almost got myself into a routine of Sunday evening manicures I still can't bear the waiting for nails to dry and some weeks I miss the window of repainting and the broken nails start to occur.

My friend recently started her own business applying Gelish gel nails so in support I thought this was a worth place to start with my gel manicures. Unfortunately Gelish doesn't work for me and they lift very quickly so whilst it's a handy solid paint job I start peeling them away myself damaging the nail further.

My aforementioned friend insisted I should try Biosculptures for about the thousandth time so I booked in before my holiday back in April. Most gel manicures follow the same process merely varying in the products they apply pre-gel, for Biosculpture it's their Vitamin E Dose so I was happy with their appearance. One of the reasons I'd avoided gel nails prior was I'd expected my shorter nails to not benefit from the appearance - I was wrong. 

The Biosculpture manicure lasted comfortably through nearly three weeks of flights, beaches and activities. Ok there was minimal washing up or typing on a keyboard but there was not so much as a chip. On my return I booked in to have them removed and reapplied but jet lag meant I missed not one but two appointments. Naughtily I picked away at the gel at home.

A few months or so later I was contacted by Biosculpture to see their new Carnival Collection and was lucky enough to have another manicure with them and I'm pleased to report my first experience wasn't a fluke. Once again I was left with a coat of colour that last 3 weeks with no chipping. 

I was also given the tools required to remove the nails myself at home which I will post about separately and one of the other great things from Biosculpture is that they have a range of nail polishes that match the biosculpture gel colours so you can cover up any chips between manicures or do the matchy matchy thing with your toes. I'll be posting about them shortly too.

I'm currently in-between gel manicures whilst I test out a few strengthening and manicure products but Biosculpture is definitely the brand for me. When I was in the salon having my first experience with them it was interesting to hear that the salons clients tastes can vary so if you have had a bad experience with another brand do give Biosculpture a try.

Some people are worried that gel manicures are damaging to the nails but Biosculpture use treatments infused with vitamins and essential oils which keep nails well conditioned and prevent dehydration and if it wasn't for my having breaks in-between the manicures I'm sure my nails would be in far better condition than when I'm neglecting them.

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So share your gel manicure stories, are you a fan of Biosculptures?

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  1. Such a lovely colour! xx


  2. Your nails look great, they're so glossy! Despite all the hype with matte nails, I still prefer glossy ones!

  3. Great color!
    May be you'd like to follow each other? Let me know C:

    Maggie from

  4. 3 weeks with no chipping sounds amazing! Such a gorgeous pink colour too, so glossy <3 xx


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