Friday, July 25, 2014

My Primer Collection

Max Factor Primer

I can't quite make my mind up about Primers. As you can see I have a small collection but I can't quite decide whether they actually serve any purpose so last week I put them to the test to see whether they are worth my time and gave any support to the super sweaty weather we're having.

Laura Geller Spackle Supercharged Fortified Under Make Up Primer
I've used Laura Geller products on and off for years thanks to her home on QVC but strangely enough Spackle was something that only came into my possession following a blog event. Compared to a lot of primers this is a rather hefty tube and of course comes with the extra roller tip for cooling. I don't really get this addition if I'm honesty, it makes things rather messy and who has the time to sit there rolling their face in the mornings when priming? That aside the texture of this product is nice in that it's a gel and has less of the silcone-y feel from many others. I asked a friend at the end of the day whether she could see any difference in my make up and she did point out the correct side but admitted there was only a slight difference and that was because she was looking for it.

Garnier 5sec Perfect Blur 
I was interested in trying this product on it's release and luckily it came into my hands via a friend who had brought it and wasn't a fan. I find this comparible to Benefits poreFessional in texture although it seems more greasy. It certainly smooths out imperfections and provides a nice base for make up but you are almost aware of it on your skin. A mention also must be given to it's 'squirty cream' distribution from the bottle. I'm sure I've sprayed more of this product on my mirror than on my hands/face.

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer
Having used a different primer every day last week whilst preparing for this post I think this is a close favourite to Benefits thePOREfessional. It feels more like a light serum going onto the skin rather than the other primers I've tried in the past. I found little wear to my primed side of the face and it certainly added longevity to my make up even after last weeks hotter than Ibiza days.

Benefit thePOREfessional Primer 
I've learned to live with the fact I have pores that no one else pays any attention and there's little I can do about them but I originally purchased these product with unrealistic expectations that it would change my life and make them invisible to the eye. Whilst that would a stretch too far this is a fantastic primer to blur out the perfections and the longevity it gives my make up is outstanding. Benefits thePOREfessional is my go to primer for nights out and as I near the end of this tube it's definitely going to be one I repurchase.

Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer
Murad's skin perfecting primer is another hit for me. Similar to Benefit Murad had a slight colour to this product which for the braver amongst us might just give a sufficient base to start their day. I still applied my usual BB cream but as I was happy to walk to the station with only a covering of this before I had time to apply a full base. Again I found that make up had good longevity if not much different from my unprimed side.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer 
For some reason I've yet to try the Hourglass Primer despite owning it since I purchased the Hourglass Ambient Light Palette in Las Vegas last year. Maybe I'm worried I'll like it too much and have to pay the price - literally. So this is on my yet to try list and I will report back whether it's a hit or miss.

So after that mini testing session what are my thoughts on primers? If I'm honest I'm still not completely swayed but there are a couple in my arsenal which I'll continue using. I think I'm happy with the actual 'priming' aspect rather than expecting it aid my make up up staying on my face hour after hour.

What are your thoughts on primers, are they are faff or something you couldn't live without?

*this post contains press samples

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  1. I totally agree - I'm not sure they actually DO very much, but I do like to use one - go figure! I currently vacillate between two - Bourjois Happy Light and Gosh Classic Foundation Primer. x

    1. Glad we're in the same boat if not a strange one! I'll have to have a look at the Bourjois one and give that a go next time!

  2. I want the all day primer - sounds good! x

    Lizzie's Corner

  3. I've recently started any obsession with trying out new primers! I looove the Porefessional :)

  4. Great collection, another wonderful primer for special occasions is Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, it has an instant lovely smoothing and radiant effect :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. I think I have that in a draw somewhere, I'll have to dig it out x

  5. I like them under powder make-up but when using liquid don't know if it is necessary, definately have to try it when home with and without just to see. Grace xoox

    1. I'm a bit like that... as I say they made a slight difference but whether that was more obvious because I had half a face and whether it justifies the extra layer I don't know.

  6. I've wanted to purchase Benefit's POREfessional for ages, as I have problems making my foundation stay on my skin for more than a few hours- I may have to invest soon!

    - Grace's Beauty Space xx

  7. I've tried a few of the laura geller primers, I'm undecided whether I prefer them to the BM ones or not... There was a new spf 30 one in the TSV last week, I've only used it once but it seems OK so far. For some reason benefit products don't work well on me, I try so hard to love them but they just don't look right on my skin, they tend to sit on top? The Laura Mercier serum you gave me goes on ok on me though. I also got a couple of the travel sized ones from Pixi the other week, one regular and one anti-redness with a green tint. Didn't want to splurge on full sizes without trying and lets face it, I have a ton of other ones to use up first!!

    1. I used to love the BM when I first started using it then the next time it felt like it really dried my skin out.


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