Thursday, July 24, 2014

Benefit Big Easy Review

Benefit Big Easy Blogger Review
Benefit Big Easy Multi Balancing Complexion Perfector link
Love them or hate them one thing you can't argue with Benefit about their amazing marketing campaigns and savvy at ensuring bloggers are armed with any new releases ready to tempt us before the products hit the shelves. Obviously talk at the moment is about their new 'Criminally Easy' Gel Eye liner (which I've yet to try) but today I'm returning to a launch a few months back which caught my attention, Benefits Big Easy.

I'm a fan of lighter basis a you know so Benefit's foray into this arena was of interest to me. Luckily when I was in America back in April one of the point perks at Sephora was the Big Easy in a small 3ml size which I was able (due to excessive spending) to pick up on three occasions. 

I actual dabbled in wearing this base whilst away and enjoyed it but on my return I found that it didn't provide the coverage I would like. A few months later and with heat to rival Hawaii I thought I'd give it another go and the love affair is reunited.

So I'm sure you already know that this is a liquid to powder finish, oil-free formula and matte finish which makes it perfect for the current heat we're experiencing and the SPF35 helps. I popped this on one Sunday when I was heading to my parents for a run around in the garden with my niece and nephew (who else remembers What's the time Mr Wolf?) and I have to say where many basis would have an added sheen to them Benefit's Big Easy remained matte and it's oil control claims received a tick from me and of course this means that hours late the product is still in place.

If I was to be critical the coverage is very sheer and less so than my favourite Erborian BB Cream which I've reviewed here but that makes it perfect for weekends when I'm looking for not so much a no make up look, but one that is more natural with a bit of help.

Obviously being a Sunday and brush cleaning day I slapped this on with my fingers (as I do with Erborian on lazy days) which worked well and I imagine with a brush and some more effort I could give myself an even better finish.

I would say Benefit Big Easy is the perfect light base for any oily skinned girls heading off on their holidays who want freedom from a heavy coverage but still require a little something to get them through the day.

Have you tried the Benefit Big Easy or even tempted?

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  1. That's awesome that you were able to get 3 samples! I like a medium-full coverage foundation, so I'm not sure that I would really love this one.


  2. I really wish this worked for me :-( Unfortunately it sat on my skin, was patchy and generally looked awful!

    1. Well we tend to know now that a lot that doesn't work for you does for me! Which is handy for swapsies!!


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