Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Maybelline BROWdrama Review

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My local supermarket has one badly stocked Maybelline section but I still managed to find and throw Browdrama Sculpting Mascara into my shopping trolley during a trip to stock up on groceries. I actually had in mind the Baby Skin Primer as an 'if I see it' purchase but this had to do.

The first thing you should know about me is I hate my brows. On threading appointments I'm asked if I cut them, have comments made on how tough they are and the overwhelming issue and possible and quite likely explanation for their state is the fact I stroke them. Yes that's my bad habit that drives friends nuts and why any brow product has a hard job staying in place as before lunch I have very likely rubbed it away.

Despite knowing that this habit inhibits most products to see their full benefits achieved on me I still can't help buying everyone brow product on the market and this is one of the most gimmicky of it's type.

Maybelline BROWdrama is pretty much your typical looking mascara until you pull out the wand and see it's circular end or ball brush as Maybelline describe it. My first query is does this ball brush work? Obviously it's perfect for applying in one sweep to the thick part of your brow but it makes for some difficult manoeuvring at the tail. 

This aside it is pretty good for a quick and more natural brow look as shown in the before and after pictures below and saves messing around with pencils, powders and the like. It's especially handy to apply on bumpy train journeys. 

The brow mascara will set and leave for a slightly crispy effect which is more obvious to my touching habits but if you're able to leave your brows alone I don't think you'll see them move all day.

If heavy brows aren't for you or you're looking for something quick and simple this is definitely worth experimenting with and it's certainly a product I reach for on days when I want minimal effort but tidy brows.

Is this a product you've tried or are tempted by?

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  1. I love the way this makes your brows look! I prefer a natural brow so I hope this lands in Australia soon :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. Thank you, it's nce to be natural on a day to day basis


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