Monday, April 7, 2014

March Favourites

After Friday's lost passport saga (read the updated post on that here) and thankfully finding said passport I can now bring you my first ever favourites post. This is something new for me and I won't be sticking solely to beauty items as I think it'll make things more interesting if I post something more varied, so without further a do…

Yellow Dress from Warehouse link
I wore this yellow dress from Warehouse to a wedding recently with the LK Bennet shoes and bag you may remember from my Bicester Village haul here and I've never felt better. A visit from the hairdresser before I jumped into a cab and one of those days were your make up look exactly how you want it too. The photo above with my friends is an accompanying favourite and has caused a stir on the usual social media channels with everyone commenting on what a great photo of us all it is - I definitely think it's one to be framed.

Greys Anatomy
Whilst there are still a number of programmes on series link for me to watch I'm finding it harder to find TV series' etc that I really enjoy and want to commit time to watching. Greys Anatomy despite being in it's tenth series is still one that I love as much as the first episode.
I've never known a program that can generate such adrenaline from watching whether it's its from excitement or shock and has managed to consistently keep my attention episode after episode, series after series. Of course some series start with new characters one or two I might instantly gel with and then a few minutes in you're waiting for their next move whilst enjoying the developing of the existing ones as their lives move and change with the times.
Only recently I watched an episode which I actually jumped off my sofa for in glee and full on gasped in excitement. The only sad thing is none of my friends or family watch it so I have no one to gossip about it with. A work colleague loves it too but she's a series behind me so I have to be careful not to give away any spoilers so please if you enjoy the show too let me know.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lips in Capella link
I think I might love lip crayons more than lipsticks if my growing collection is anything to go by and Capella from the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lips collection is heading straight to the No 1 position as a favourite. I had some Superdrug vouchers to spend recently and this was one of my purchases and I love what I find to be the perfect girlie, spring pink colour which goes with everything. The shine this gives to your lips is wonderful, has the sheen of a gloss without the stickiness and feels so much more pigmented than many lip colours I've used. I wore this to the wedding I mentioned above and the shade went perfectly against the bright yellow of the dress as I didn't want to go for a nude lip but needed to carefully chose a colour that wouldn't cause severe clashing. The only bad thing I have to say is I wish it didn't need to be manually sharpened. 

Tarte Pure Marajuca Oil link
I have had Tarte's Marajuca Oil since returning from Vegas and received it from Sephora as one of the samples available when making some purchases but as I'm such a fan of my Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate I didn't really give it much thought and it was only the surrounding QVC hype that saw me give it a whirl.

Whilst Tarte's Marajuca Oil feels less oily than Midnight Recovery and not as strongly scented I can't help but have fallen in love with it. Kiehls Midnight Recovery feels heavier on the skin (and I do not mean that in a negative sense) whereas the Marajuca Oil feels like it sinks straight into the skin and I have less time between adding a drop or two in to my hands to work with it. Used in conjunction with my other skincare I wake in the morning with refreshed plump skin and am not afraid to go make up free.

Barry M Gelly Nail in Sugar Apple link
I'm afraid I'm another predictable blogger giving the thumbs up to Sugar Apple one of the new colours from Barry M. This colour is amazing and it's very rare that when I give myself a weekly manicure I want to reapply the same polish. This will definitely be heading on holiday with me along with Rose Hip which I also picked up.

No 7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation link
I talked about this foundation in my What to buy from No 7 post here so I won't repeat too much. All I will add is that when I was getting ready for the wedding recently I applied my December favourite Make Up Forever HD Foundation and wasn't happy with the finish and reapplied this No 7 beauty. I've also recommended this to a friend recently and she is very happily using it too so if you are looking for a great foundation do check this out.

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara* link
I had hoped to get a post on this mascara up before the big QVC launch last month but time escaped me. This mascara is amazing. I'm not part of the mascara fan club that many women are, I wear it, see it's benefits but rarely get the wow factor, until now. This mascara makes me want to throw out all others I own and never buy anything else. Sorry to mention the wedding again but I went to apply false lashes, they weren't cooperating so I gave up and just went for this mascara anyway. Lashes take on their own world when the Tarte mascara is applied and I have numerous mascara's in my stash to test but I just can't bear to be parted from this.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo* [+] link
Another product I've already raved about in this post this is now a must have in my skincare routine. I'm near the end of my first tube and so reluctant to run out I've already repurchased. I'm going to try taking application down to once a day and see how my skin fairs with that now it's in a 'perfect' state. Overally dramatic it may be but I'm so glad this product is in my life.

Holiday Planning; Paperchase link
Much like I love the excitement of Christmas Eve more than the day itself before going on holiday I love investigating things to do on holiday. Due to Ben and I visiting 3 different locations on this trip, some for only a day or two and all with various landmarks and tourist attractions to check off the list some thought was required. Ben has been the recipient of various links to restaurants and tour operators over the past couple of weeks as I've made reservations at The Ivy and booked trips to Alcatraz and Pearl Harbour.

Then of course there's keeping track of the things I'm looking for in Sephora and Duty Free or requests from my brother (fire dept t-shirts from each stop) and the list of turtles my nephew has provided that have just been released in the US as well as booking references and things to remember. This notebook was in a cute pack of 3 from Paperchase. Is thin enough not to weigh down my bag yet big enough to be able to write more than one line per page.

Topshop T-shirts link
Finally I leave you with something that shouldn't be that exciting but has resulted in my throwing out all my old t-shirts I'm so impressed. In a recent Topshop haul I ordered a simple black tee to wear with some funky joggers (I'm hoping to post the Topshop haul this week). I happened to pop it on with jeans on Mother's Day when visiting my brother and fell in love with the fit and shape, not too tight yet not too baggy. I came straight home and ordered in the white and grey and received a text from my SIL asking where I got my top from and placing an order herself. If you need something simple to dress up or down I would definitely think about these.

So there you have it my first favourites post. A bit longer than expected but I hope you enjoyed reading through some of my favourite things over the past month.

Don't forget to let me know what you have been loving.

*PR Samples

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  1. I haven't even seen the Barry M lipgloss in the shop yet - it seems lovely! :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Great post, Victoria - loved reading all about your favourites x

  3. You look beautiful that color looks great on you the boys look handsome! Grace

  4. You look gorgeous in the yellow dress! Also loving your choices for your favourites x


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