Thursday, January 23, 2014

Victoria Secrets Roll Up Toiletry Bag

When I visited the US in October last year I had plans to buy the Sephora High Roller Make Up Bag. In the end I decided that it was an unnecessary expense and I was set for make up bags with more than any girl should need… until I hit the Victoria Secret store at the airport. 

I've mentioned before my narcissistic love of Victoria Secret branded products because my name is, of course, Victoria and when I spotted this toiletry bag in the signature pink strip I couldn't resist; it's practical right?

Whilst I'm yet to use this for any travelling purposes it looks the perfect size to hold everything I'll need for any forthcoming trips and I love the handy removal bag section at the bottom which will be perfect for make up whilst the rest of the bag is hung in the bathroom. 

I like nothing more than organisation so this couldn't appeal to me more with its clear sections and no worries about any spillages with this baby as they will wipe clean with no trace left behind. 

Now I just need to book a holiday so I can use it.

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  1. I like your style - yes buy the toiletry bag and then you NEED the holiday to use it - fab!!

  2. I've just had the most glorious time catching up. Raining outside, I'm sitting here guzzling tea & scoffing a Bounty.

    Love your make up bag, I have no doubt you'll get good use out of it. Anything booked yet?

    The foundation in prev. post looks really nice. I'll have to give it a whirl. I'm always looking for a good foundation, tend to stick to Elizabeth Arden ones, as they suit me best, but I'll give any a try.

    love the Chanel eyeshadow. Not sure shimmery stuff suits me, but I'll give it w whirl!

    And Ben's party. What a lovely way to celebrate your 30th. Wow, loving your frocks, especially the skater skirt one. Gorgeous, and really suits you.

    Thanks for your comment today, really made my day!


    1. 1. I want a Bounty now

      2. No hols booked as yet but planning a trip with Ben, a Barcelona break with another pal and maybe Paris with mum... and them I'm tempted to take myself off to Vegas for a few days on my own! LOL!

      3. Let me know if you give the foundation a try and do try the Chanel eyeshadow - it's gorgeous.

      4. Love that we still say frocks.. reminds me of my nan and that's always a good thing!

      5. Aw pleasure... it was heartfelt, I do love it :o) xx

  3. love organization pouches like these, especially when the compartments are clear like this one so that you can easily find everything. and yes, this cute pouch definitely means you need to book a holiday to use it! ;)

    rachel x

    1. I'm obsessed with anything clear at the moment for make up purchases - basically anything that saves faffing about time! x

  4. Love it! I love pouches like this when I'm travelling, they are so handy!

    Number Fifteen

    1. I will report back on how handy when I've gone on a trip ;o) x


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