Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ben's Birthday Bash


Last Friday my BFF and 'husband' Ben celebrated his 30th birthday and as one would expect he arranged to celebrate in style over the weekend. For this reason I'm sure you can forgive my delayed posting over the past couple of days, especially as Sunday was spent celebrating my niece's birthday albeit in a more low key fashion. 

Ben loves a good wedding so he wanted to have that sort of feel with a delicious roast dinner which included his close family and friends. For this reason I made the decision to make an appointment at the hairdressers so that my hair could be put up in a style that needed know fussing to ensure it lasted until the early hours - it also meant I was able to have two costume changes but more about that shortly.

Before us 'day guests' had an opportunity to take a snooze after all that delicious food it was time for a quick change and the party to get started with the arrival of more friends and family, some load music and lot's of dancing. 

Both the dresses I found for the day were major sale bargains; one before and the other after Christmas. The dress on the left was £18 from Marks and Spencer and the black number £47 from French Connection and was just comfortable enough to forgive such a hefty lunch - the same could not be said for the shoes I was wearing.

So there you have my excuse for being absent and normal blogging resume for the rest of the week, how have you been spending your weekend?

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  1. Whoop!! check you out looking fab!!! Looks like a great way to celebrate!! Very jealous lol xxx

  2. Sexy! You look fabulous! Happy Birthday to Ben looks like a wonderful celebration Grace

  3. Love both dress! You look gorgeous and it looks like an amazing party - love the wedding theme! x

  4. Looks like you had a fab time and wowee, you look stunning! Love the dresses! xx

  5. You look fabulous! That French connection dress looks amazing on you!
    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  6. Those dresses are both gorgeous and bargains too, well done you!

  7. You look amazing in both dresses lovely. I can't believe what bargains they were!!!
    Ben's party looks amazing!!!! Hope you all had a fabulous time.


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