Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birthday Days Out

With the threatened onset of snow I wasn't sure how this weekend would turn out but I'm pleased to say that all proposed plans were able to continue as normal without any interference from Mother Nature!

Saturday it was over to my brother's to celebrate my niece Violet's 2nd Birthday where we enjoyed lot's of birthday cookies and cake

and today more birthday celebrations for Ben who chose Columbia Road Flower Market as his day out in lieu of the usual boozy calorie laden events of the past

It appealed to both our natures with Ben's love of flowers and the odd vintage shop for me to nose in.  

I came away with some gorgeous roses - I couldn't resist the blue being so different!

I hope you have all had fabulous weekends and are prepared for the expected onslaught of snow this evening (or keeping warm if it's already reached you!). It was amazing to see how many people were stocking up on shovels and bags of ice when I popped in Tesco this afternoon.

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  1. I'm on nights so I'm hoping the snow doesn't arrive until after I get home to bed in the morning. Brrrrr.
    Hope your journey to work in the morning isn't too bad.x

  2. Those roses are so beautiful - never seen blue ones before! So pretty xxx

  3. It's a birthday weekend in our house too! Those roses are gorgeous, always my favourite kind of flower. x

  4. I am so glad the snow stayed away. Lucky you going to Columbia Road - love it! :)

  5. Happy Birthday to both of them.....loved the blue roses too!

  6. Maybe Tesco's fixed the weather forecast!!! Looks like you had a lovely weekend, only 5 days to go until the next one :) xx

  7. Gorgeous flowers, Victoria - and another place to add to my 'must visit' list - thank you! x

  8. Love your roses, Victoria. And your niece is already 2??? OMG, time really does fly!!

  9. Oh you can't beat Columbia Road on a Sunday morning I always head straight down there when I'm in London, happy birthday to your two lovelies, Lucey x

  10. What a lovely weekend. I'd love to visit Columbia Road Flower Market, what I've seen of it looks amazing.

  11. Those roses are stunning, especially the blue.
    No snow here to speak of as yet, although it has been trying to snow this morning it's gone sleety now.
    Hope you are warm and safe over the weekend as I think just about everyone is going to see some tomorrow
    Lisa x

  12. the roses are gorgeous! x

  13. We got quite a bit of snow here, which was lovely at first, then it got tedious, lol :) It is all gone now though :)


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