Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fat Friends!

A few weeks before Christmas my friend Ben discussed wanting to lose some weight in the new year and the next moment he was announcing his intentions to lose 5 stone by 1st September 2013 in aid of charity on Facebook

There was a lot of support and in no time he had joined forces with the local charity Dream Factory, news reports and an appearance on BBC Essex followed and we are now a week in to his "5 stone challenge" and I can proudly say he has already lost 16lbs!

He has also started a blog which you can find here where he bravely announced his starting weight - you will not hear mine here may I add!! - and will be sharing his journey so do pop along and say hi - or even wish him Happy Birthday tomorrow!

If you're so inclined his Just Giving page can be found here where he is raising money for the Dream Factory who grant wishes and dreams to children suffering from life limited and terminal illnesses so a very worthy cause

Naturally this will have an impact on me.... as I said to Ben, I'm not becoming the fat friend and well who will I indulge in midnight runs to McDonalds if not him so I too am taking some steps to lose a little weight and can announce this week I have lost 2lbs

It also means Weight Loss Wednesdays are back!
Each week I will share news on my journey to lose weight; I'm tackling weight watchers once again so they'll be much competing with Ben as he will be following the Slimming World plan and of course the tweaks to my lifestyle to increase activity! I'm already joking I appreciate how Jessica Innis must have felt winning Gold at the Olympics because I now walk the long way home!

I hope you will join Ben and I and offer any words of advice - particularly tips on either the Slimming World or Weight Watchers plans

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  1. Wow 5 stone is a huge challenge but what a fantastic 1st week he's had - I'll pop over to his blog & follow his progress.

  2. Best of luck, Victoria - look forward to reading how you get on x

  3. Well done to both of you - what an amazing start. A friend at work lost 5 & 1/2 stone last year on Slimmimg World so it can definitely be done. I'm doing Weight Watchers like you. My tip is to plan your points for the following day, don't ever 'wing it'. Also, I start with allowing a glass of wine & a small chocolate treat for the end of the day, then work backwards for the rest of the day. If I'm hungry mid afternoon, knowing that I have that treat to look forward later is enough to keep me going. Good Luck to you both, XX

  4. Slimming World all the way ;) I lost 5 stone on it and know a lovely lady who lost 19 1/2 stone. You did read it right!

    Go both of you!!!

  5. wonderful! Good for him, and good for you. You really are a good friend!


  6. Well done to both of you on a great start.

  7. Way to go already 16 pounds....your an inspiration with your weight loss.....Have a great weekend, Heidi

  8. This is brilliant and wish you both every success. Look forward to your Wednesday updates.

    I use MyFitnessPal to monitor my calories and weight loss as it's free and really easy to use. Got 2 stone to shed myself. Here's to the new slim bloggers ;o)

  9. Wow what a great thing your friend is doing! I'm on a pre-wedding diet now and have lost near about a stone so far.
    Not knowingly noticed any physical differences, but then again I am very critical at times!
    Hoping I can keep it up and not give up. It will be good to have some encouragement :) xxx


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