Monday, September 3, 2012

Whats with the Wonderwall

I do hope I won't bore you with showing corners of my living room but as you know I've put a lot of effort into bringing it together and enjoy sharing with you!

One particular area that receives much attention and compliments is my "wonderwall" - especially due to it being the first thing that catches peoples eye as they enter the room

It's creation came about when I admired my SIL's wonderwall and deciding I wanted to do something similar but was told in no uncertain terms I needed a theme!

I had been admiring many images of couples on tumblr and  reblogging "love" quotes that a Love theme was decided upon. I started saving images to my desktop, preferring the non traditional images from Breakfast at  Tiffany's, Gone with the Wind etc changing them to black and white and then it was off to the local photographers to print them out in various sizes

Next stop was The Range for mounts and frames, with a few from IKEA for good measure and then the fun began starting with the Victoria bus sign from Oliver Bonas in the center

Here you can see Chanel's "in order to be irreplaceable" print from Rockett St George and a Dirty Dancing card  the postage of which was more than the card itself!

Many East of India signs feature on the wall as well as another print from Rockett St George

So that pretty much sums up my wonderwall! I hope you enjoyed a few details on the prints and images and I'll leave you with a close up of my new table arrangement for a splash of colour!

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  1. would never get bored. Love seeing what you've done.

    It all looks fab, and where oh where would we be without The Range?!


  2. I love the wall, especially with the Victoria sign in the middle. I bet it's not that easy to get right either?!

  3. I love your Victoria bus blind most. I can tell you love home decorating, a kindred spirit! It all looks lovely, fresh and eye catching.

    The kitchen has taken forever, thanks for asking. We've now got a bit of painting left and the work tops come next Monday, thereafter tiling to do and that's it! It's really only this weekend that the cabinetry was finished and I've been able to put everything back. Some sense of normality today!
    Hen xxx

  4. You wonderwall is magnificent! Love it and every single print/picture. xx

  5. Victoria, your Wonderwall looks marvelous!! I love it!!

  6. It's lovely - a really clever idea, and it is good seeing a close up too. I would absolutely love one - I just need to find a bit of empty wall!!

    Pomona x

  7. It was worth all the effort and expense, it is really fabulous.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous wall! I love the wonderwall theme and I think it really makes a wonderful impact in the room, very stand alone and unique. My favourite is the Dirty Dancing card xxx

  9. It's looking so striking, I really like what you've done. The Rules to Live By print is just brilliant.
    Lisa x

  10. It looks fabulous, some great images there.

  11. It looks really fabulous, Victoria - I love it! xx

  12. It's fabulous! I've been thinking of doing something similar for ages, just haven't got my act together.


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