Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Come Dine With Me

When I decided to change the layout of my living room from this I gave myself a dining room area where previously I had a large space, sofas at one end of the room, tv at the other and would be distracted by a dining table off to the side - esp off putting when it was piled with "stuff"!

Top Tip: check out similar properties as your own online for sale or rent to see how they have laid out their rooms. This is how I came up with my current layout and would never have considered it myself

My dining chairs took MONTHS to arrive from Next but once they did I loved how they look against the white table. I was very impressed with the price for these chairs as similar styles were out of my price range!

There was still something missing on the table, it was still very much a large white space and I didn't want to cover with a tablecloth and detract from the chairs so it was off to the local faux flower florist for a new flower arrangement

All that was left was to host my first dinner party and hope that I'd put the chairs together securely!

I have been thinking about new dinner set for a while now wondering if my vintage china was suitable but my mind was certainly changed when I laid my table

I purchased this pink roses Alfred Meakin set years ago from eBay,  4 each of dinner and side plates (although as you can see one has gone missing!!) and a tureen and platter. I think the pink against the black is so striking and I loved the contrast of modern and harsh black against the vintage floral of the china! Complimented by my pink napkins purchased from one of Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic stores

I feel that I'm finally finding "my style" and learning how to mix the modern style suitable to my lifestyle with the vintage touches to add some character, all that's left now is to keep an eye on eBay for more items to add to my dinner set!

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  1. Seeing the title I thought you had applied to appear on the show!
    Your new look is really lovely and all the better for being your own which has evolved over time with mixing and matching and making your own style.

  2. Although I love the black and white scheme the pink just gives it that edge and it cleverly combines the old with the new, very classy, Lucey x
    PS The scheme wouldn't look half as good without "Victoria"!x

  3. Fabulous. It looks really classy.

  4. What a lovely dining room area you have created Victoria! Just gorgeous!!

  5. Your dining space is wonderful and absolutely inviting. Well done! :) xx

  6. The pink and black is a wonderful contrast. Love it! M x

  7. All looks lovely, Victoria, and I think you're right - the modern and the vintage look great together x

  8. A great combination, very inviting, make sure you put the posh crockery away when I visit though, I have a terrible habit of breaking things xx

  9. I love that combo, a pop of pink against b&w is a classic and classy look.

    It all looks gorgeous. Your home is cosy yet elegant, and just a smidge quirky!


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  11. Beautiful! What's for dinner? :-)xx

  12. gotta say "gorgeous" to the new layout and style of the your dining area, the chairs and table are so in tune with the frames on the wall and the pink dinner set gave a lovely touch to everything...

    x susan

  13. Just beautiful. The vintage and modern work nicely and the pink and black are fabulous.

  14. THe pink vintage China looks great! I may reconsider keeping mine!!!

  15. Gorgeous dining area and completely unique xxx

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