Wednesday, February 22, 2012

De-Cluttering History

Whilst sorting through my sideboard during my mammoth de-cluttering sessions I can across a pile of old video tapes with various home movies etc on them

For years they have sat in the cupboards unable to be watched as I constantly intended to learn how to transfer on to DVD, buy a video or similar

This time I bagged them up and took them into the local branch of Snappy Snaps and had them all transferred to DVD

Now this wasn't cheap and I'm sure there are cheaper services etc but it was a fantastic feeling to cross this task that has been on the list for many years off the list
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  1. Oh gosh, my boyfriend had a load of family videos that he wanted to transfer onto dvd so he bought this player that he can use to transfer them, it's a bit technical though!

    He's even started advertising locally, I know a lot of photo shops are offering the service too! It's definetely a worthwhile thing xxx

  2. I have so many Disney movies that I found this past weekend. Everyone is telling me they are collector items! I just want to throw them all out. lol We have lots of places here in US that transfers movies and there are a bunch of easy to use machines now also. I need to do major decluttering but I will tackle it a little at a time. Good Luck Grace xoox

  3. I need to get that done as well. Videos take up a lot of room and we havn't got a player anymore.
    Sue x

  4. What a super idea and one no matter what it costs will be so worth it!

  5. I don't think there are cheaper services! My other half's work do this and because it's so time consuming it's expensive!

    You can do it at home but you need lots of equipment! It's worth it now you can watch them all though! xxx

  6. What a great idea! It is not very cheap to convert everything to DVD, but it is worth it!!

  7. I love it when you get something done you've been meaning to do for ages!!!
    Bags copies!!!

  8. I keep meaning to do exactly the same. I've got loads of family video that we can't watch, I'll have to look in to it.

  9. Now that's a job I need to get done as well ...!

  10. Great reminder that I should be doing the same thing. So many videos of the kids growing up, must get them put on dvd as well.

  11. I really need to declutter soon! my husband has been forever transferring movies onto dvds and gosh i think 50% of my house filled with his collection of videos, dvds and his books! urghhh

    x susan


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